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New to the list.....


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Hi !

My namae is Susan and I have been reading the message boards for about two years since my dearest friend Rachel was diagnosed with SCLC- I am sure some of you know her as she has been quite active in the various forums since her diagnosis in May 2003.

Although I have known Rachel for more than 40 years not a day has gone by in the past two years that her strength has not impressed me-actually it has "wowed" me for the most part and from what I have read I see that this strength is a common thread that most everyone on the list shares.

I just wanted to say hello and thank you all so much for all the prayers, good wishes and support that you have given Rach (as she is known to me...)I look foward to being more active in the different groups-

As an FYI.... She is on her way to Portland (Oregon) tomorrow for treatment of a newly DX'd (yesterday) bone marrow mets to her femur-her attitude once again is that she is going down to "kick some butt"...not exactly her words but I read the rules regarding obcenities before typing this....

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Welcome Susan!!!

Thank you for coming on board and also for letting us all know what Rachel is confronting now.

Thank you also for being such a good friend to Rachel. My very best friend is also named Susan and that name somehow instills warmth and love.

I was wondering about Rachel's leg when she posted. I am sorry to hear this. Please let her know my prayers are that she is able to kick some you know what out of this cancer beast.

I want to thank you again so much. It is very meaningful when friends come by and offer us all support by just being here.

Thak you Susan,


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It's nice to meet you Susan and I am also awed by Rachel's attitude and determination. I am sure she will continue to kick some "butt" , even if those aren't quite the words she uses. I'm sure you will have your good friend for many, many, many years.

Gail p-m

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Thank you Gayle and Kasey-I am sure that Rach will be posting something today or tomorrow before they fly out- It has been a bit difficult as I am on the east coast visiting family......I'd rather be there with her right now....

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Hi Susan,

I am also a member of the Rachel fan club. She is absolutely the sweetest woman. I was very fortunate to meet her in person last summer. Who else can you invite to a party and then find them in the kitchen later doing dishes? I wish her the best of luck...thanks for posting.


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hi Susan.

Glad that you took the time to tell us about Rachel. She's cool. Sorry to hear about the mets. I hope that she comes back without a single cell so that she can take that job lifting those fifty pounds of s...it. :shock:

Friends are the best..and you are a good one. I am glad that she has you.

Cindi o'h

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I am going to try this again- I started a post that was a bit lengthy but a history of Susan and Rachel.....Poof! Gone to Cyber space, maybe a subliminal message to not bore you......ANYWAY.....I will re-cap.....

I am overwhelmed by the kindness you have all shown in welcoming me and with all of your support, prayers and words of encouragement to my dear, dear friend Rachel....some of you have come to know this wonderful woman via postings- others have met her while attending the gathering last year in Michigan- And yes- she always has great shrimp !!!

The day of her intial CT, May 21, 2003, Her PCP stopped by my office at the hospital ( I am a RN )to give me a heads up of what he thought he had seen on her chest x-ray....his thought being that I could be there with her when he gave her the results ( I thank him for that daily....) He started out by saying,"Susan, you two are more than best friends, more than even sisters...you two are more like twins." He is right about that- we went to grade school together (starting at age 5), Jr. High, High School......and if that wasn't enough, our parents sent us off to Boarding School together (it took about half of the school year for them to realize that maybe they should have re-thought htat one....)....boy, oh boy do we have stories- great memories- lots of them.....Soon after I moved to Alaska Rachel came out (another story in itself...)- she met her wonderful husband and we live one mile driveway to driveway apart from one another.....

So you see- all of your support means a great deal to me as I have been blessed for the past 45 years to have had such a friendship in my life and I look forward to many more-With your help and support I know I will be able to continue to do what I need to do for Rach- Thank you all again and God Bless you !!!

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