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more on mom- cyberknife/Tarceva/PET


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The doctor told my mom that in 2-3 days she should feel pain relief from cyberknife. Well, in less than 24 hours she had a dramatic decrease in pain!!! Pray that this small growth is truly GONE!!

She is not having a lot of side effcts from Tarceva- mild diarrea (sp?). This scares me a bit because does it mean it isn't working??? Any advice on this would be helpful!!!

Still don't have results from PET!! We are taking a no news, is good news. Her onc. is awesome so we are assuming that he would call if he saw something else othere than the small growth getting cyberknife.

***** edited Saturday July 17 by kreed- The PET is clear!!!!!!! *****

I hope all of you are doing well. God bless!!

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What great news about the sudden reduction in pain! Yay!! So glad for your mom.

About the Tarceva, symptoms may not show up for a week to 10 days. And everyone's different. I have only a mild "rash" on face, neck, chest, and trunk but the Tarceva has already produced some shrinkage in tumor. Others have a much more severe rash. So, be patient and wait for some actual test results. We're all looking for "the sign" that things are doing the job and I think "the sign" is probably a very individual thing.

Best wishes for continued cancer-bashing!


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