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Thanks for the website info. It is so good to find helpful info. You might want to check out The 10 Commandments for Cancer Survival posting...I think it was in this forum. It's got some good thoughts and the attitudes mentioned in the last 4 I am sure help with long term survival chances.

Keep positive!


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Dear All,

Katie mentioned the Cancer Survivors Park and I just wanted to share with you that we here in Minnesota also have one of those BEAUTIFUL Cancer Survivor Parks that was donated by Richard and Annette Bloch. And to top it all off, they just opened this Park last summer (downtown Mpls) and my friend Janet (4 Yr. Small Cell Ext. Lung Cancer Survivor) and I went to this ceremony and we had the opportunity to meet Richard and Annette Bloch. Richard is a 20 (?) some year lung cancer survivor. They are WONDERFUL people and they sat and chatted with Janet an I just like that have known us for years. Oh such wonderful, giving, and kind people.

There foundation also offers alot of help for lung cancer patients as well.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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