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Hi all

I wanted to ask all of you again to please say some extra prayers and positive thoughts (whatever it is that you believe in) for my Mum and for my Dad too now. Mum is out of the hospital and is at home but things are not going very well. :cry::cry: She sleeps alot and has withdrawn from everything quite a bit and we are obviously all finding this desperately hard. She also complains of very bad headaches so hopefully that can be helped to get under control as well. Mum's brother has come out from Scotland to visit with her and it's nice for them to be able to spend some time together but also sad that Mum does not have more energy or volition to be able to do more with him. He leaves on Wednesday to return to Scotland which I think will be very sad for him.

We're all struggling very much at the moment and seem to be operating on autopilot most of the time. My baby is due in about nine weeks and I hope and pray for some miracle before then. It breaks my heard to see our poor Dad so sad and feeling so helpless so please also include him in your thoughts as I think he needs them very much at the moment.

Still hoping to have better news to tell you about soon. Karen and I continue to hope for the best for all of you as well.



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Sending thoughts of hope and strength to all of you. It must be so hard to have so many conflicting things happen at once - excitement for the new baby and worry about your mum. I guess life seldom happens the way we expect it will.

Fingers crossed that things will improve soon.


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