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A Visit with Mom's Family

Kel M

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Hi all,

I'm off to the Canadian Maritimes on Friday to visit with my Mom's family and to settle some estate paperwork. I'm very much looking forward to seeing everyone under different circumstances and enjoying some down time.

I might also add that I expect to feel particularly 'close' to Mom as this is where she grew up and all her family remains.

On a happier note, I'm planning to OD on lobster and scallops while I am there, so if anyone would like me to toast them while I enjoy some East Coast cuisine - let me know (he he he)! Take care all and stay strong.



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Kel M.

With butter dripping and glistening off your chin and leaving permanent (worthy) stains on your blouse, toast to me!! Me! Raise a heavy fork of lobster to me! I am smacked with jealousy. I do hope that you gain 20# from your trip! Can't imagine anything quite better than that!

Have fun with your family!

Cindi o'h

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Hope this visit washes you in many warm and wonderful memories of your mom....both your own, and those of her relatives.

As to the cuisine....well why not make drool, huh? Scallops AND lobster?

Sheesh....some folks get all the good stuff on vacation! :wink:

Have a safe, productive and memory-filled trip and we look forward to hearing from you if anyone in the Maritimes has their computer fired up and will let you use it! :)

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Real east coast LOBSTER!!! YUMMMMMMMMM! Need anyone to come along and carry your luggage? :wink:

Being where your mom grew up is a special treat. We don't usually get to imagine our parents as children and it's kind of magical to touch the trees they may have climbed, look at the view they saw, imagine them playing. I'll bet your mom would enjoy you being there.

Take care,


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