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Hi and New Here..Anyone had a persistent leak ?

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Hi, I'm a 57yr old female with a single nodule mets to my right lower lobe from Colorectal Cancer/Adenocarcinoma. Had first Thoracotomy April/05, 6 weeks later remainder of right lung (40%left) collapesed (pneumothorax). Tumor was successfully removed, no lymph nodes positive. Underwent 2nd Thoracotomy, with a flap surgery done using my left rectus abdominis muscle because the right was involved in my ileostomy from the first Colorectal CA. I had gone almost 3 years NED after the stage III CRC. Had chemo/rad.

Question: I'm home now with a suction machine and a chest drain, the 2nd surgery failed to close the leak. It's been 7 weeks since the 2nd surgery, we've tried to withdraw suction, but the lung starts to collapse. I'm asking the surgeon for a total pneumonectomy/lung removal. I'll take my chances with one lung. I do have asthma and this has apparently caused my lung tissue to be more friable.

I need to get on with my life. Can't start any of the drugs the oncologist wants me to do, ie Avastin and Gleevec, until my lung seals! I'm eating solid macrobiotics, thinking of forgetting any further chemo... So far, at least according to the most recent CAT with Contrast, there haven't been any more tumors. I live in Orange County, California, anyone know a good lung/thoracic specialist? I'm going for second opinions on the leak soon, probably City of Hope, and another place. My surgeon has been following me closely, he actually has come to our house twice and is coming tonight. We are playing a waiting game that is getting seriously frustrating! Anyone out there had any similar experiences? Help Appreciated!


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Dr. Fred Grannis, Thoracic Surgeon at City of Hope, is a gifted surgeon. You may want to make certain that a family member is with you at all times while an inpatient. Not all nursing staff are actual employees of City of Hope, and there was a huge difference in the quality of care between C of H staff and contracted nurses.

Also, do not discount Cedars Sinai. I can't remember the gentleman's name off the top of my head, but I think it's something like McKenna, or McKenzie?

Wishing you the best of luck.

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