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Gallbladder Surgery Postponed


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Beth's surgery was postponed by her Pulm Doc today. He came in for the pre-op check and didn't like her breathing. Admitted her to hospital for a bunch of tests and "breathing therapy" before he will clear her for surgery. When "dopler" was done on legs, they found a small blood clot in her lower right leg. They have her on blood thinners to try and disolve the clot. Also had CT scan of chest this afternoon but still waiting to hear results. I will keep you posted on Beth's condition as it develops.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, Kurt.

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I am so sorry to hear about Beth's surgery being posponed. She seemed anxious to have it over with so that she would start to feel better. Since they found the clot and her breathing isn't up to par, I am glad that they will wait a while. Maybe while she is in the hospital they can get her meds straighted out so that she isn't in so much pain.

Keeping you both in my prayers.


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The fact that you took the time and made the effort to come here and reassure us about Beth is a gift to us.

Thank you for being such a loving giving amazing man!

We continue to hold Beth and you and the children in fervent prayer.............Just wish we could run over and help out somehow.........

Your fans in Rockford IL

Pat and Brian

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Was very sorry to hear this news this morning. I have been so hoping Beth could get this taken care of and perhaps start feeling a bit better.

I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. I am also keeping you there as well. You, my dear man, are walking a difficult road and I am hoping you receive strength to remain being such a wonderful supposrt to Beth.

(((BETH and KURT))),


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Hey Beth.

Tell your nurse, "I know you're not busy, say. Wouldja mind fluffing my pillow a little bit here?" Oh. And be sure to call her "sweetie". They like that.. it is very endearing.

Tell her upfront if she takes good care of you, that you will be sure to leave a big tip!

Throw your food on the floor if it tastes bad or is cold.

And when she puts that O2 thingy on your finger, start to scream at her for hurting you!!

:P You will be a favorite in no time! :P

love, Cindi o'h

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