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Our gal Cindi, have a nice trip tomorrow


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Hi Cindi,

Just want to drop a quick note before I go to work and tell you to have a blast in Chicago with your friend. :D

Stay out of trouble, and wave off all those men when you wear your itsy, bitsy bikini. 8):wink:

Will keep the pub open, upon your return, but it won't be the same without you.

Have a safe trip.


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Hey Mar., and all.

Thanks! My girlfriend is flying in from Kona, Hawaii...the Big Island. I haven't seen her since 1990. We met working at the same office. I thought she was weird at first. She was soooo laid back and I was right out of school. Her habits drove me nuts! But, I grew to love the dickens outta her. She is one of my very best friends and just a good person through and through. We took scuba lessons together. She was my partner and I almost drowned her. I was trying to stand on her head! Her husband was the one who saved both of us. I caught the biggest fish of my life with them on their boat. It took 3 days and lots of parties to eat that whole fish. She is still mothering her 5 kids. She still has 3 at home. I used to spank all of 'em for her. We are two girls who are very comfortable in the presence of each other. I just love my pal and can't wait to hug and kiss her! It will be a nice break from my homelife.

Timmy will be fine. I will leave food and water and clean litter for him. I'll be back Sunday and he will be out of sorts, but he will bounce back by the next day.

Then, when I return, I am going to plan to go to Helena, MT. to visit my Montana Mom. She sent me an airline ticket for my 50th birthday present. Sweet! I like looking forward. Much better than looking back.

Oh, yeah. I am going to be poolside at the Hilton ordering whatever I can while Michele is taking her classes by day. By night, she is in charge. I ordered some mac nuts from the farm down the road from where she lives. Her husband is a coffee farmer, so I will probably also get a pound of coffee or two.

See ya when I get back.

I will be sure to ask Rochelle for a hall pass.

Be good!

Cindi o'h

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