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Missing Mom at Wedding...was she really there?


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This kinda goes along with the message I posted in the Grieving forum. Monday I called my aunt(mom's sister) to talk to her and she said she had something to tell me. While we were getting pictures taken before the wedding, my uncle was snapping pictures of us right after the photographer so he could get the same pose. Well, they got home and put the pictures up on the computer and looked at them. In all the pictures that had my dad, me and Cindy in them there was 3 perfectly round glowing circles over one of our shoulders. Orbs, she called them. She thinks that these were the spirits of my mom, mamaw, and papaw. I think she's right. They only appeared in pictures of us, not with any of the bridesmaids or anyone else; just Dad, Cindy, Matt(Cindy's husband), and me. I knew in my heart that she was there, and maybe this is a little comformation. Maybe it's not, maybe it was a light play with the camera, but I like to think otherwise. :D It's a very spiritual world out there. You never know! Poor Nicolas heard us talking and got scared. He said he missed mom, but that he didn't want her scaring him. :) I told him that Gandma would never scare him; that she was there only to protect him.

Well, what do you all think!?

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