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God saw you getting tired


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Janine, and all-

Hey, we put that in moms little booklet, heres the version we used, and I will add some more at the end, talk about CRYING!! Its so perfect. Its so true, and precise ya know. Please don't cry all...its just beautiful, really it is.

God saw you getting tired,

the cure was not to be.

He wrapped you in His loving arms

and whispered "Come with me."

You suffered much in silence,

your spirit did not bend.

You faced your pain with courage

until the very end.

You tried so hard to stay with us,

your fight was all in vain.

God took you in His loving arms

and freed you from your pain.

A golden heart stopped beating,

two loving hands at rest.

God broke our hearts to prove to us,

He only takes the best.

It's lonesome here without you

We miss you more each day

Life doesn't seem the same

Since you've gone away.

When days are sad and lonely

And everything goes wrong

We seem to hear you whisper

'Cheer up and carry on.'

Each time we see your picture

You seem to smile and say

'Don't cry, I'm in God's keeping

We'll meet again someday.'

That is the version we used, it fit my mom PERFECT, absolutely perfect. Its such a beautiful poem, and it works for so many fighting this damn disease. There are winners of the battle, but in the long run if we think about it all, those who pass, win too. If you believe in God, which I do, (of course, I made that clear many times... :D ) They moved on to a better more beautiful world, although we cannot touch or see them, the live on, in our hearts, minds, spirits, and look around you, everywhere is where they are. I pray that all who have had to let go of someone battling, that they realize that their loved one didn't lose the battle, they ultimately won it. They are not suffering, they are perfect and beautiful, young, and happy again. Life without suffering, thats all we want right? I pray this for everyone grieving.

Have a wonderful week all

Rana :wink:

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