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Requesting feedback on oral chemo's for sclc-whats working?


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I am meeting w/ my Docs this Friday to discuss oral chemo either alone or in addition to.

I know much has been written on the board, but since it wasn't in my court yet, I wasn't paying much attention.

I know there is Temodor, Tarceva, Iressa, Avastin and Altima. What other names have I forgot?

Whats worked for you?

What side effects?

Thanks in advance,


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I'm doing Topotecan orally in a study, but are you talking more maintenance type chemo? I think Addie is taking Topo as well, but through IV or a port. I took Etoposide orally too (2004).

I was really sick the first 2 cycles, but I don't think from the Topo. I'd been through all that mess with my gallbladder, and when the symptoms started coming back, they really didn't pay much attention to me until I insisted they run a liver profile with my lab work. THEN they believed me! At any rate, I gradually came out of that (no appetite, constant stomach ache, etc.) and feel really good now, and other than the fatigue and low blood counts, not really any side effects.

I just finished the 3rd cycle yesterday, have 2 weeks off, and will have cycle #4 then, and probably another scan to check progress.

As to your other post about fevers? I have strange fevers now and then, and all my lab work shows nothing. The Oncologist says it's probably from either the cancer or the Topo, or maybe both. I'm thinking they don't know what the heck it is, so the cancer and Topo might be good places to lay blame!

I'm glad you're still in there with the chemo and fighting this scourge. You have my very best wishes, as always.


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