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"dumb" newcomer

Guest fufu_000

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Guest fufu_000

Hi all, I'm new here just registered 7/19 and I have a question how and where do I introduce myself?? I'm not very computer savy. Thank you fufu

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hi, fufu,

How is fu fu diffently from Foo Foo??

It is so cute.

I had a dog when Brian and I met. He was a poor scraggly, previously abused, and cranky poodle.

I named him POGO, but Brian always called him

an 'emergency reserve foo foo dog'.

I love your nickname................I am sure you will come to know that we are all here to support each other.

Just type................everyone will help w/ the rest.


Pat and Brian

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I welcome you too, FuFu! Come right in and sit down and join the family here.

You will need to give us some background info so we can support you here. If you need any help at all there is always someone to come to your assistance.

Waiting to hear more from you real soon.


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hi Iam new to this board my daughter was diagnosed with lungcancer 6 weeks ago just 2 days after she delivered a healthy baby boy.Her symptoms started as astma at the beginning of her pregnancy.and was treated for that with no effect a month before she delivered she was treated for a pneumonia .after she had the baby her lung collapsed she had a chest tube and a bronchoscopy and then they made the diagnosis.she is now on her 2 cycle of gemzar and carboplatinum .Fortunatily she moved back from new york and lives with the baby atour house.We are not really sure where we dealing with but one doctor told us it is adenocarcinoma.we are hoping and praying all goes well and thet the treatment will work By the way my daugter is 25 year old smoked very little just in high school to try and was a avid swimmer until she became pregnant The doctors are telling us it is a unusual case .I hope this e-mail is ok since Iam new to this e-mailing and I never posted something before thank you all Henry

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Hi Henry-

Great job with the posting !!

I too am new to this site and I am so happy that you have joined us- I am sure that you will find everyone so helpful and so very caring just as I have.

My congratulations on the birth of your grandchild- I am sorry that this joyous event has been clouded by your daughters recent diagnosis.

My thoughts and prayers to you and yours.

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Welcome Fufu and Henry. You've both illustrated just how random and unexpected lung cancer can be. Two very different stories but, like the rest of us, you are welcome to be part of this family of support.

Next time you post, you can click on start a new topic in this forum or in one of the forums below that so we can be sure to talk with each of you individually.

Henry, you daughter's story is a real shocker. So glad she and the baby are with you. Hope she will want to post here, too.


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