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Rachel Update


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Hello All-

I thought I could give you a brief update on Rachel-

As you know she went to Portland for radiation to her right Femur- apaprently the plan is to do a 30 minute blast and be done with it (that was to be done yesterday, Tuesday)- They do however want her to stay for a few days and have more films, CT's etc and see the Onc. on Friday-

They say this (the radiation) will help with the terrible pain she has been experiencing- and I am hoping and praying for that too !

I have not spoken to her or Stan today but will give a new update once I do.

Thanks again for all of the support you have been giving my dear friend!!!

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Thank you, Best Friend Susan...for the update on Rachel. I know she's at a great hospital. I'm a native Portlander...now "displaced" on the east coast :D

Please tell Rachel and her "True North" that we are pulling for her to be painfree soon, and for the films and CT to show NOTHING FURTHER. She needs to get home to the dog...and be feeling well enough to take long walks at the business end of a leash.

Give her my best, please...


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Rachel had 30 minutes of radiation for the cnacer in the bone marrow of her right femur Tuesday and 3 hours of testing yesterday-she will meet with the ONC tomorrow to get results. Her pain is better -

I spoke with her and relayed all of your positive thoughts and best wishes, she is very appreciative of you all. thank you all again for being here for her. I will let you know what she learns tomorrow as soon as I find out. I am on pins and needles and can't imagine what it is like for her (and many of you) to be waiting for results.....it must be hell....I know she is in your prayers and please know that you are in hers and mine as well.

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