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Mom did the cytoxan and lomustine last month (one time thing), had an xray and blood work on Tuesday, and her onc doesn't want to continue with those. Apparently her cancer markers were up from 21 to 35. I'm not sure how much importance should be put in those markers (anyone know?), but the chest x ray looked ok. I guess they're cking for changes in the lung, but so far there is nothing there.

He wants her to try Tarceva, but due to the cost and insurance issues, she doesn't have it yet. (her ins. would pay half, but the CTCA said she'd be better off if they didn't pay at all...that way they could get help from the company that makes the Tarceva.)

She's in the Lord's hands and healed in His name.


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I was glad to hear the good news about payment for Tarceva. When battling this disease, worry of $$$ just is an aggravaton not needed!

My thoughts and prayers are that this will work for your Mother. You have been such an advocate for her and she has remained so strong!

Keep your optimistic outlook. It is contagious here on the board!

Many good thoughts headed your way Christy....for Mom and for YOU too!


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I just shook my head in disgust when I read that finances were keeping your mom from trying something that may really help her. Then, I read your second post and cheered! I just hate that money can play such a big part of treatment! SO WRONG!!

Anyway, I'm still a fan of Tarceva (I'll have a CT scan this Friday now that I've been on Tarceva for 6 weeks.) Sending thoughts of hope that Tarceva will do good things for your mom!


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Thank you all so much!

Mom got the tarceva and starts it tomorrow.

She's not feeling very well right now. We thought it was just allergies or a cold, but the onc thinks it might be part of the cancer. (she's coughing and not breathing well.) We didn't actually get to talk to the onc, because we have to go through a case worker over the phone, but he told her to go ahead and start taking this tarceva. She's taking an antibiotic and it's not helping. So... please continue to keep her in your prayers.

thank you!


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