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Who is running the pub??? I am thirsty!

cindi o'h

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Hey! I am in Chicago at a very fancy old hotel downtown. It's beautiful. Miche'le and I have been having a great time together....laughing, talking, crying, catching up. Neither one of us missed a beat. It seems as if I saw her last week.

We are going to Tony and Tina's Wedding tonight. Chicago is a very cool city. It has a wonderful vibe. I am glad I came.

You all be good. And whoever is behind the bar, could ya make me a bloody Mary with asparagus spear, pickle cuke, bean, olive, celery and tomato?

Gotta go!

love Cindi

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Hey, hey, hey Cindi!!!!!!!!!!

:D Glad to hear from you and that you are having a great time! Glad you got hooked up to a computer for all of us.

I don't know who's tending bar. Frank and I have been here all night long and morning too, sooooooo thirsty :lol: !

Continue to have fun and then hurry on back here...you are MISSED!

(((Cindi and Michelle too!!!!)))),


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Hi Cind,

I told you I will keep the bar open and will conjure up your "salad" Bloody Mary, as Ginny called it. I hope we have all those ingredients here behind the bar... hmmmm.... Will place your drink on the bar and it will be there when you return and get back behind the bar and do the barmaid thing. I hope I could make this thing right. :roll:

You sound like you guys are having a ball. :D

Try and find out what Toddeling is... sounds to me something a little kid does.. toddle... I can't imagine a whole state of toddlers...whatever :roll:

Thinking of you, my friend. :wink:


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