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What I like about you......


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My Long Time Friend Gail!

Wow, I get someone I have known for many many moons!


Let's see what I have learned about my friend Gail.

She's kind, caring, supportive, sensitive, loving, warm, gentle, funny, more funny, and a darn GOOD CANCER SURVIVOR! :wink::roll::P And a HECK OF A GOOD FRIEND!

Love & Hugs,


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Well, okay. I don't know the rules about doing this twice. BUT I WAITED and WAITED and I just couldn't hold myself back anymore.

Dear Connie,

What we ALL love about you is, first of all, your smile :) ! But besides that, you serve as such a role model for all of us to aspire. You are a SURVIVOR that gives us all HOPE and so many encouraging words. You are wise and offer your wisdom in difficult times. I LOVE you for that too!

Oh Connie, there is too much that we all love about you, it would take a WHOLE thread just for that.

Please keep doing what you have been doing for us for a LONG time to come!

Love from me (and from everyone else, I'm sure),


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Hello Kasey,

Just hope I type fast enough to stay in line.

I like the way you expesss yourself,

always finding the right words in all


Your care and feeling for people are always


Thank you for your potings.


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Hi there Barb.

We haven't officially met yet. My name is David. How do you do? I am well, thank you. Wow, look whose talking about being supportive -- you who only joined a few months ago and have a couple hundred posts already; they're all over the board in all the forums; you're always praying for someone, and God Blessing them; and you always seem so darned happy and positive! Barb, you epitomize what this website and message board were started for. We are all thankful that you continue to give of yourself. Thank you Barb, and take care.

David P.

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Jim, I always enjoy reading your posts. It's so obvious that you really put thought into each and every one of them. Your words always reflect hope. I love fact that your gransdon is "your shadow." I'm sure he loves yu very much!!!

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Ok, time for me to jump in here. I honestly could go all the way up this thread and say something I like about all 33 or so of you ahead of me.

As I've said so many times, this board saved my sanity when I was first in testing, diagnosis, and treatment and I will never ever forget the power of hope this board gave me. That said, I'll move on to the purpose of this thread.

Ann, you've been here for all of us, even though your husband passed a while ago. Your advice to those of us who have this disease, and to those family members trying to reconcile their loved one having to go through this disease has been truthful, direct, practical, and helpful to all of us.

You carry on now with dignity, and I am sure your dear husband is proud of you. I appreciate your continuing interest in us.

Thank you,


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Well, I'm not sure either if you can post twice but I started the dang thread and Kasey already broke the 2 post rule :P, so the heck with it.

Cindy, you have been there with me though every ache and pain, every perceived met and the dreaded scans. We have laughed at ourselves and compared neurosis on more than one occasion (okay, maybe 10). At any time I can PM you with any ailment, or you me, and the reply comes back with "Oh no, I felt/thought/did that too!" You even have "popped" like I do. :shock: You are truly a friend.

Your posts to others are always sensible, and always encouraging. I am SO glad that you are on this board, and even though we don't always have the time to correspond, just knowing you are here and seeing your name makes me always feel a little bit better.

Thanks Cindy, for being so wonderful and even more so, for sticking around here with me!

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Oh, Debi....a wicked sense of humor AND the leader of the Chicken Cult! I believe we are speeding down that "Highway to Hell" together, but DAMN, this motorcycle and sidecar are the way to go...wind in my hair, bugs in my teeth... 8)

Who knew "being sick" could be so much fun?!

I love ya girl, you make me laugh until I cry!

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Debi, I am so glad you were back on here again. I hope I don't miss you this time. You have always been so supportive of everyone on here - I so enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for being here. (and your little boy is soooooo cute).

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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I LOVE this thread Debi. What a GREAT idea. It's like giving each person a personal ((hug)).


You've been with us almost from the very start (Jan 2003) and you are such a strong and inspiring spirit, a warm and generous friend. You are always here supporting others. I hope you remember we are here to support you too. I'm sending you tons of hugs and thank-yous for being here.


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Katie! :D

You were one of the first people on this site whose posts I learned to look for. You're kind of like the den mother who steers this site toward success - you've created a large, united, comforting family for all of us! As a person who doesn't have much actual family left, this family has come to mean a lot to me.

For all you do, this :D 's for you!! Thank you for sharing yourself with the rest of us.


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Ohhh! I get Dee!

You're easy. I like how you seem to have accepted this lc and live with it. I especially like the words of encouragement you have for everyone on this board. You are quick to give of yourself and offer up prayers. I can tell you are a thoughtful, kind woman. We gotta talk fishing sometime, since that is a sport I am truly interested in also!

I like how you stay after to help clean up the pub. (demanding paymnent in yet another corona is okay by me, cuz you are a good sweeper! :P )

Especially, I want to wish you a double, triple congrats on surviving this beast.. wait up for me!!! I am running right behind you! Love you, Dee. So happy you are here among the rest of us!

Cindi o'h

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My lucks in, I get the publican!!

As a true Brit I recognize what a contribution pubs make to the civilized world and I must say that Cindi's is one of the best.

Cindi, you're always there for everyone no matter what you're going through yourself.......you are truly one of a kind and I'm so glad you're back from your trip to keep these boozers in line once more.

I'm raising my glass to you,


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Ahhhhh....and I get the feisty Brit from up North! :wink:

From the beginning, Geri, and despite the fact that you aren't a real frequent poster....I knew you'd beaten this disease and were enjoying life..and I decided I wanted to be you! 8) I love your attitude. You just keep on living and don't worrytoomuchaboutit.....altho at test time, you will admit to a wee bit of concern, like most of us have.

Of course, most here haven't been privy to some of our more raunchy, outspoken emails to each other :roll: ....but suffice to say, Geri tells it like it is and LIVES it like it is too!

I don't think Geri even found this site until she was nearly 2 years out from dx....and still she comes around to encourage and support others of us! I give her high points for that!

Plus, I need to mention that the woman has a black belt in shopping. And living in the boonies up north, that is NO mean feat! :wink:

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I love your positive posts and outlook in the face of all the crap this disease has dealt you. You continue to rise up to each challenge for yourself as well as find time and energy to support others with your commonsense advice and wicked sense of humor. Thanks for being you.

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My late night buddy!!!

I have seen you support everyone on this board and with compassion and some great knowledge. You are a wonderful, caring person Nian and it was great to share the wee hours with you, even if I am TRYING to get more well behaved and get myself in bed at a decent hour now days. Thank you for you're love and support!!

God Bless You,


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What I like about you is how strong you have been and that you always offered support to others when your plate was full. You had a sick Mother, a newborn, a husband that was away, and yet you were still able to cope and comfort others --well that is an amazing accomplishment.

Your Mother must have been very proud of you, she raised a strong and caring woman.


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