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What I like about you......


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Since I started this, I suppose that its only fair, that I also am the last :? . And what a great ending, talking about my friend Eileen...

Eileen, you remind me of home and I am so glad that we are friends. From the beginning, you have been there for me; it is always so great to find someone that thinks so much like yourself (scary too! :shock: ).

You are a shining beacon of hope for so many people (including me) with your long term survivorship! Your posts are always honest, and even when you have a different point of view, your posts always have class. You weigh your words carefully, when I see your name somewhere, I know that you have something important to add..

Thank you for being here and for staying here to share your strength and wisdom Eileen. I, for one, have benefited much from it and from your support!

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Oops, I was doing a test of my new Google spell checker for the internet forms. Now I can write my posts directly in the lchelp form. Hey, it works.

I did not intend to hit submit.

Now I have to say something nice about Debi.

To be a member of this board and a member of the chicken cult, she has to be very special.


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