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CT Scans coming up

Cindy RN

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Please keep me in your prayers this week :roll:

I have my 'every 3 month CT scan' coming up on Tues. and see the Dr on Thurs. I have felt pretty good the last 3 mos except more tired than norm. It could be the class I am teaching, the pace is so fast thru the summer semesters. :x

This will make it 2 yrs since the last chemo treatment and 4 1/2 yrs since I was diagnosed. Sometimes when I let myself think about it it is like walking a tightrope. Usually I don't even think about the cancer, until it comes time for these CT's!



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Of course you will be thought about and prayed for with regards to your scans.

It is a terrible tightrope we walk. Today someone said something about living life full of questions. That is so true.

You have been a true survivior. Boy, I am hoping, praying so that you remain NED and can dismiss any thoughts otherwise for now.

Thank you for being an inspiration to so many, Cindy. You so deserve a GREAT report.



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You remember that you were our source of inspiration throughout Jim's trials and tribulations. I often talked to Jim's doctor about "Cindy RN". And I know you have many more to inspire, so nothing but good news this week.

I'm not normally logged in to this site as much as I have been this week-end. Have just felt a draw - perhaps so I can offer some crossed fingers and good thoughts.

I think about you often but will be thinking extra hard this week.


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For you, Cindy...(the first person I ever PMd from these boards, I believe :wink: )....you've got all my best wishes, thoughts and vibes for your continuing NED and clean scans.

I started out limited....but I still look to your "handling" of this disease as a huge inspiration. My first remission was way too short...but your bio and history always makes me feel hopeful that this time around....I'll do even better (as you have done on your second remission.)

Will look forward to a "nothing but good news" report from you real soon! :)

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My very best prayers and wishes that the CT turns out great. You have been my inspiration since I came on here, and I feel close to you. Today I started Topotecan for a week, and I have been pretty down in the dumps. But seeing your post made me realize I need to get out of myself and see that there are other people in this world. Thank you, Cindy, for all you do!


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Good luck Cindy! We will all be thinking of you. You need to know what an inspiration you are to so many, just by living your life! Not too unlike my 84 year old mother with sclc who went out and got a hearing aid, guess she plans on getting the extended warranty as well! We'll be thinking of you!

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