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The sweats are finally gone.


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I was sitting here reading about Don and the night sweats and I realized that as the oncologist has weaned Jeff off of the steroids his sweats have almost completely gone away. Back when he was taking 4 pills a day (I really don't know how much that is) he would drench the sheets every night. He complained all of the time that his head was "hot" and he would keep saying, "Here, honey, feel my head!". Of course it was cool to the touch and it drove him crazy that I couldn't feel the heat coming off of his head. Gawd, these medicines and treatments can really get the best of you are not prepared for the side effects. Anyway, it wa definately the decadron causing the sweating. Jeffrey is finally getting his cyberknife treatments at Miami Cyberknife on August 3,4 and 5. Keep him in your prayers.


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Hi Trish,

It's encouraging to know there's an end to the night sweats after Decadron! Thanks!

I'll be saying prayers for successful cyberknife for Jeffrey. He is going to have both the lung and liver done right?

Please let us know as soon as you can how it goes.



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Jeffrey is just having the liver done as the lung tumor is too close to the ventricle (or something like that). His lung tumor is now quite small (less than a centimeter) and has never been obstructive so I guess I won't worry about that right now...I'll save it for later when I need something to worry about...as if! I will keep everyone posted as to how it all goes. I'm more worried about the new CT results that we will see on Wednesday 07/27..it's not that I think anything is wrong it's just that I hate braceing myself for the worst and hoping for the best... over and over again. I go through this after every single MRI or scan. I guess this is my (our)life now.

Sigh, Trish

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