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I am soooo nervous


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Hi there....My name is Pam and I

finally found you...Well I have posted here before but just found "Early Stages"...and the best part..I found Debi too who encouraged me to post...I was a little leary but decided 'what the heck"...

To update a little I was dx in Aug 2004 and had surgery on 9/14/05..

Took out my upper right lobe and told me it was stage 1A with no other involvment's and no further treatment's..THANK YOU LORD...

I see my surgeon every 4 months with a chest exray and oncoligist every 6 months with a yearly ct/scan which I haven't had yet..cause it hasn't been a year..

Well tomorrow is the day for the surgeon's appointment with my exray in hand...I am sooooo nervous...I will not DARE look at it cause I wouldn't know what I was looking at anyway...just praying alot that all will be OK..

I know you guys know the feeling and that's why I am here...so much better to talk to someone who KNOWS...cause those that are lucky enough to stay healthy ...don't have a clue and I am happy for them...I thought I was healthy and this has really knocked me for a loop...Still in denial...This can't be...Oh sure!!!

Anyway guys...if you think about it ..please say a little prayer for me...I am such a wimp to worry worry like I do...I really try to forget sometime...but I don't think it will ever happen...specially when it comes to the exray' and scan time...I am very grateful as it turned out..I know it could have been a whole lot worse...I have lot's of faith and trust in GOD and that is what brought me thru this...So what I want to say to you guy's ..I wish you all the best...stay healthy and God Bless each and every one of you...thanks for listening..

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So glad to see your post woman!!

I'm sure everything will be fine tomorrow, I will be waiting to hear. And you are not a wimp to worry, it is perfectly normal to worry about the results of your xray.

Good luck with your appointment,will be thinking of you! Thanks for taking the plunge and posting, many people can identify with the feelings that you're going through!

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Welcome Pam,

We are so glad you found us. There are people here with all stages and kinds of cancer . You will find everyone to be very supportive with words of encouragement, inspiration, lots of prayers and sometimes laughter. We all understand and you are certainly not a "wimp" to be scared at xray and scan times. It's a nerve racking time for sure. It's a very good thing to be aware that cancer can return, but in your case it sounds like you are one of the lucky ones that was able to have surgery. Be aware of what can happen , but dwell on the positive.

I want you to know that you can count on my prayers for your appointment tomorrow. Let us know how it turns out. Looking forward to knowing you better.


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Welcome Pam!

Any friend of Debi's is a friend of mine!

Hey, we all know how it is to wait to see the doctor and get results of the dreaded x-rays and scans. I went for follow-ups with my surgeon every three months for the first two years, and let me tell you, we were no more than driving home from a good appointment when I'd be worrying about the next one. It's torture. I would spend the two weeks before an appointment on the verge of tears most of the time, and not sleeping because I was so worried, and on and on.

I don't tell you this to scare you, I just understand how it is and everyone else here does too. But, take heart, stage 1A is as good as it gets if you have to get a diagnosis like this. I was a 1B, and had surgery and chemo, and I am one grateful woman today.

Although it seems like nothing is ever the same again, I'm pretty much back to 'normal' now, two years later. This is a shocking slap in the face to us when it happens, and it's still all pretty new to you, heck to me too, but I can tell you, it does get better.

Like our friend Snowflake says, no one knows how long they have, you never know when you might get hit by the random beer truck. And that's very true.

I think the thing we need to strive for after all of this is to live our lives with a new appreciation and perspective that we may have been missing before.

I'm trying, it's hard sometimes not to fall into old feelings and take things for granted, but I'm trying. For instance, it's hotter than blazes here in Chicagoland right now, but it feels good to me--I keep saying it makes me feel more alive! Of course, with all this, you have to understand people will be looking at you like you're a lunatic, but that's ok too!

Seriously, I hate that you had to join this group, but I have found great friends and comfort here, and I hope you do too.


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Well as you just found out you're either all wimps or it's just normal to worry! Hell, I'm a total wreck before my friends tests and it's not even me. I'm glad you're not trying to read your own x-rays. There have been some very funny stories on here about people reading their own x-rays.

Best of luck for your tests


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Dear Pam

I had the upper right lobe removed in June of 2000. I remember those scary scans. For the first several years, I was very nervous each time---But now I am up to yearly scans (reminds me I am very late getting one) and honestly as time goes on, life does get back to normal and although the worry is there, it is usually only a fleeting thought.

I hope you get great results.


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Hi Pam,

Welcome here. You have found a great bunch of people for support and prayers.

You and Debi are like twins with your diagnosis, you are lucky to have each other. Debi ia a fine person who makes us laugh with her writings.

I just want to wish you luck today and I know everything will be fine.

I will send a pray to you and Rick (who is also getting scan) for a NED results!!!

Thinking of your both,


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I will say it again...thank you ..thank you...so much to replying to my post...I am outta here in 10 minutes for my appointment ...I am tuffing it today...I told my hb he does not have to go with me....really getting brave here..

No wonder so many people on the boards love you guy's..such kind and encouraging words...so happy I found you and after taking the first plunge...I will be back!!

I will check in after the doc's...You already wished me luck..but keep the prayer's coming :-)

Oh and should I keep posting under early stages or go to someplace else...I am new at this and don't want to 'screw' up...best to all and talk to you soon...stay well and God Bless


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Hi Pam: well, I guess you have seen your surgeon by now. I am sure everything was ok.

Here I am 2 sugeries and almost 2 years after my initial diagnosis, and I still have a hard time believing what happened to me.

I had my xray checkup with my surgeon last month. all was clear. I will probably get a little more antsy for my next checkup in Sept or Oct when I will have a ct scan.

Don M

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Hi kids....GOOD NEWS...just got back and stopped at my Mom's to let her know and called my hb from my cell...

So I get there 15 minutes early with my exray and the secratary say's..."do you have the written report"....I said.."I don't think I saw an envelope in there but look and see"...It wasn't there so she said 'that's OK .I'll call and they will fax it right it'....well I am there when the fax comes in and she looks at it and put's it in my folder with a BLANK piece of paper over top of it...Now I'm thinking...'why she doing that?

Is something wrong and she doesn't want me to see"....Told you I'm a wimp and think all kind of crazy stuff....Anyway the doc comes to get me...and as we are walking to the examining room ...he is reading the fax...doesn't say a word and then say's..."let me take a peek at those xray's"..well since he says'peek"...I think ..well maybe it's not too bad..(oh boy ..the things that go thru my mind"..please tell me I am not the only one

He looks briefly which I was glad and I say.."well how is everything"..He say's 'great" THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!

The words I wanted to hear...and that's where the 'WHEWW" comes from..LOL....and then the usually procedure with all the question's and then say's he will see me in 4 months but it's around the same time as my "onc' who will be ordering a ct/scan so he say's he will use that and I will not have to take a chest exray....So now I could breathe again till next time....

So that's my story for today my friends...just wanted to get back to you guy's cause I knew you would want to know...

So till next time...thanks a million for all the posts...stay well and God Bless..

Jan...I see you :-)...will check my email now...

Debi...thank you so much...(((Debi)))

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Well Pam, am SO glad that you got great news. It's so funny how every little action the doctor and his/her office does is under our scrutiny... I wonder if the doctors are aware of how much we look for all those little signs before our results????

Anyway, congratulations on your clear xray! Don't be a stranger, we would love for you to stick around and post now and then, I have a feeling you probably have some great jokes. Frank does a terrible job :P down in the Just for Laughs Forum and can certainly use all the help he can get with posts.

Again, I'm happy for you. You need to celebrate!!

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