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Update on my flank pain- not cancer related


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I thought I would update you on my flank pain in case anyone else ever suffers from this and because I have suffered for so long and I don't trust a soul at this point. Has anyone else have experience w/ pinched nerves?

My hussband took me to his Chiro (I have never seen one before) and he took xrays too (like the ortho work-up). He says my Ortho work up only went to T-10 and T-11 and T- 12 show pinched/compressed nerves. The vertebrea are sitting crooked, kind of half cocked. I can see this on the xray even though I can't really read them. That this is typical for this area (T-12) to radiate down to the flank area. He gave me a film copy to give my Onco.

I have had 2 days of manipulations and I actually hurt worse if thats even possible.

He said Thorasic is less common than lumbar and the Ortho just assumed it was lumbar and should have checked the whole thing??????

He think's I probably coughed it out of alignment with my pneumonitis I had badly for 6 months.

Have you heard of this? Does this sound correct or possible. I would hate to spend time and money w/ a Chiro if it isn't correct.

Thanks in advance of any feedback.


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Lots of people in my family go to chiros. They feel that chiros are very helpful. Sometimes it takes several adjustments before things are right again though. My brother-in-law often goes three times in two or three days to get things straightened out. Call the chiro and tell him your pain is worse. He needs to know. continuing in prayer for you pammie

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My mother, soon to be 93, complained of leg pain for a LONG time. She'd had the other knee replaced about 15 years ago, and now her "good" knee was giving her fits. So bad at times that she couldn't sleep in the bed, and had to sleep upright in a chair because she couldn't straighten her leg all the way out.

Finally, she went to a doctor who did x-rays and a MRI (yes, I'm my mother's daughter - she had to be sedated to do the MRI!) and it was a lumbar problem - not her leg. They started injecting it every few months and it's made all the difference in the world. Every time it begins to hurt, she gets the injection. At her age, when she was having so much pain, it really brought her down -- as it does many of us as well.

Years ago when I worked in a Radiology department, I remember the Radiologists and techs showing me films of things like this and what they look for on x-rays that isn't necessarily the obvious thing.

I hope you're on the right track to get that fixed and am SO glad it isn't related to the cancer. That is sometimes the best news ever! Take care, Jen. I think of you a lot.


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Hi Jen, my daughter and I have used chiros for years with great success. My husband is a 'resister' who will not concede control to the doc and subsequently went on suffering.

Glad to hear that you at least have found out what the problem is, sometimes it takes a few visits for relief so hang in there.


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