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Help with my Mom


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Hello all! I've been dealing with my Mom's lung cancer since February. My family is very supportive, but I was looking for an empathetic ear. Mom has battled health issue all my life (fall outs from 30 years of Chrohn's disease) but this one has her scared. The recent diagnosis of vocal cord cancer (follow ups with specialists this week) really has thrown her. In all other times of crisis, her positive atttitude has pulled her through, but she's having trouble maintaining it.

My father died when I was young, so it's always been my brothers, my mom, and I against such things. We are trying to help her with the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of this journey, but it gets tough sometimes for us as well. As I'm sure you understand, in addition to being a daughter, I'm also a wife, a mother of 2 young children, and a teacher. Thanks for having a great board here!


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Welcome, Kelly.

You and your family have been dealing with a lot these past months. There are MANY sympathetic ears here, along with lots of expertise to help with concerns and questions along the way.

There will be more coming to greet you and to offer their help as well. For now, try to stay positive and just keep being as supportive as you can.

So sorry to have to meet you this way, but happy to be able to share your journey and perhaps lighten the load.


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all I can say for now is that I know how you feel. it's so hard to go through this with our moms! my mom, too, has had her share of 'issues' before this return of her lung cancer. sometimes I get mad at what seems like such an uneven distribution on her.

this website has become a rock for me, they keep me going with little messages of hope and support. I have also gotten lots of information here, as well as a reality check when I need it.

I vascillate between the 33 y.o. me, who knows she can beat this and will, to the 3 y.o. me who is just sad and confused at seeing mom struggle.

I have one brother, who's great and does what he can but, for whatever reason, it seems I do a bit more. not sure why exactly, and I try so hard not to keep a tally but when I am exhausted from commuting to work from her place, etc. (today) and he's on the beach in cape cod, it's hard not to. ultimately, what matters is that she is and feels taken care of.

I say all this about 'ME' in the hope that it makes you feel less alone with all of this.

hang in there, keep talking. you are a strong and devoted daughter, and you will see her through this!! I'm so sorry you're going through this, but welcome.



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Hi Kelly and welcome to LCSC. I'm sorry to read about your Mom's diagnosis and history of health concerns. I'm sure that we can all help you and I know that there are many ready to lend an ear and offer support. Please let us know how we can help.

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Hi Kelly: welcome to this site. So, your mom's cancer is spreading? Lung cancer treatment is trial and error at best. Maybe your mom needs to move to another treatment therapy. I hope she finds something that holds the cancer at bay. Many people have to try different drugs before they find a combo that works for them. More and more these days, advanced lung cancer is being treated as a chronic disease that can be held in check by drug therapy. Tell your mom that there is hope.

Don M

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Welcome, Kelly! That's my granddaughter's name, as well. Sorry about your mom. She has a right to be down with so much happneing to her. Just hang in there with her the best you can, and try to think of ways to cheer her up. My best (male)friend's wife has Chrone's disease, and at the same time battled leukemia. She is now 12 years out from diagnosis of the cancer. So, there is always hope and determination. Best to you all. Don

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Hi, Kelly,

I see in the bio that Tarceva is the med your mom is on...........SBETH(who responded above mine)'s hubby and my hubby, Brian are on Tarceva, as well.

Glad you found us.............we will support you the best we can and Brian and I will add you to our prayer concerns.

Thanks for posting/joining our family.



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