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I had my CT/PET Fusion. Its been 2 cycles of the Topotecan.

Rt lung nodule smaller

Lt lung nodule same

left ovary smaller

Rt ovary smaller

Hot spot in liver and spine again only on PET considered hemangioma and Deg. Disc. Disease. not mets.

The reduction was minimal 1 cm here, 1 cm there.

Onco still feels its a positive response. Will continue on Topo.


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Reuction!!! Smaller!!! Hey, we'll take that! Sounds like a good report, wouldn't you say? Yes, more reduction and a LOT smaller were words you would have liked to hear. One step at a time, Jen. Continue on TOPO and let it do its job!

I have been rooting so hard you. Yes, praying too!

Lots and lots of hope is being sent your way.


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Oh Jen, it IS a good response, but I sure can tell by your tone in your post, you wish it were a LOT more! ME TOO! But, maybe it's just going to take lots of baby steps before they are GONE!

You have been through the mill and back again, and I would want to see more then 1 cm too if I were you! But, having said that, 1 cm is better then NO cm!

Damned old cancer crap! Hate this stuff! :evil:

Love & Hugs,


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Jen, this is good news. We'd all, of course, like this scourge to just go away and never come back, but these pieces of good news, even when they come far apart, are welcome. I'm thankful every day when I wake up that I DID wake up, and I'm still around to drink Drano if they tell me to in order to keep myself stable. (ick)

Here's an extra glass of chocolate milk I'll drink just for you, in hopes that you'll just get better and better!


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Jen, I'm so happy to see this post! :D I'm sure you were hoping for greater shrinkage....but too, wasn't there more than three weeks between your two cycles of Topo? Am I remembering right? Perhaps if you can remain on the every three week cycle, the reduction will be even greater by your next scan!!

I had significant shrinkage after 3 cycles of Topo. By now...I've had 8 cycles and at BEST, I've had a bit more shrinkage. At the least, I am stable.

The stuff works! Maybe not like carbo/VP-16 worked the first time, getting us to NED.....BUT IT WORKS. It has kept me here, feeling pretty good most of the time, since February. It cleaned out my pancreas which had "multiple masses" back in Feb., and reduced the liver tumors by about half.

I keep hoping it's nipping away at those four remaining liver tumors...little by little....but what matters most to me right now, is that I still feel good, have decent energy, a good appetite and no pain.

For you, dear girl....I hope the reduction also equals FEELING BETTER for you....both physically AND mentally.

This just seems like very good news to me...and I'm off to Cin's Pub this very moment to hoist one in your honor. :wink: Hang on in there Jen....if we keep nipping away at these little tumor buggers a centimeter here and there......eventually we're gonna get rid of them...eh?

Love you.....

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Just another thing, Jen -- I met the nicest lady where I go for chemo and weekly blood work. Her name is Bettye. She has cancer that they believe started in her bile duct, of all places. NOT something we hear about every day.

They did quite a drastic surgery on her -- taking part of her pancreas, liver, gallbladder, etc., etc., etc., and then told her they didn't think there was anything else they could do for her after an initial perfunctory round of chemo.

Then, they hooked her up to a trial, and she's done well ever since -- over 2 years. Not bad, she says, for someone they said was dying! She isn't NED, but is stable -- and has been for quite a long time now. It gets her through the day, isn't as toxic as the first chemo so she feels better and is stronger this time. She's in her 70s. Quite an inspiration. I always sit by her, telling her I want some of her courage to rub off on me!

Anyway, the point is that "stable" may not mean NED, but if you're still on your feet and feeling decent, it sure beats the alternatives!

Hang in there, you!


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I'm still around to drink Drano if they tell me to in order to keep myself stable. (ick) Di

LOL! How true! How true!

Hey, Jen, I understand you've got a little disappointment that there wasn't more shrinkage, but I love the saying where they say the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Any reduction in the size of cancer tumors is the best news ever.

Right now, I would just about give my own life to hear the words shrunk, shrinkage, reduction, smaller, etc.

You go, girl! Those are some mighty fine words you posted! Prayers for more of the same!



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