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Surgery over in Atlanta - back home!

Guest marciaatl

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Guest marciaatl

Thanks to all of you who helped me out before surgery on 7/9/03 - it went very well, no complications. And the final pathology report showed clean lymph nodes and a clean margin. That, coupled with the clear PET scan and clear MRI brain scan, left me pretty darn happy about the medical situation.

Nonetheless, based on the latest studies, I will probably get chemotherapy beginning in August. I am consulting an oncologist for the second time next week about this (I chose him after interviewing 2 - he is wonderful - very warm and fuzzy).

Now, my only questions are about how to handle these damn pain meds?

I did Percocet, starting in the hospital, for the first 8 days, starting out at one every 3 hours, and reducing gradually to every 5 hours. Yesterday, I switched to Darvocet, per Dr. recommendation. Started out with that every 4 hours, but it, just like the Percocet, leaves me a little light-headed, fuzzy in the thinking department, but worst of all, nearly always constipated and sometimes nauseous. I have sort of handled the constipation with over-the-counter stuff and diet, but yuk! The nausea is what bothers me the most. Phenergan helps, but really makes me woozy. I tried Zofran once and it seemed to work OK. I feel like I am a moving pharmacy!

I'm not complaining awfully, because it is manageable, but I am wondering if there are secrets to taking Darvocet without having the nausea, in particular? In fact, right now it is after 9 p.m., and I have not had a Darvocet since 2:30, having opted for 2 Advils at 8:30 pm instead. I figure I'll take the Darvocet soon, when I go to sleep.

Will it be safe to give up the Darvocet now completely and switch to loads of Advil? I know I can't take high doses of Advil either for TOO long . . .

I haven't really felt the actual pain from the surgery yet, and don't want to, if I can avoid it. So, it's a balancing act.

Any tips?

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Not sure about the pain meds, but I am gad that yu are going to have the chemo anyway- just to be sure that it does not come back at all!!! You will make it!!! I am guessing that you will probably have carboplatin and taxol, as far as chemo goes. Anyway, as far as nausea goes,try the zofran or a drug called compazine.


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Hello Marcia;

First, a great big CONGRATS. on the pathology report, that sure helps to take the load off. :D:D:D ;

I pretty much went through the same thing your going through with the pain meds., I took over the counter stuff to help with both the constipation and nausa, although the nausa wasn't too bad. I took pepsid or Zantac for it and drank Metamucil at night for the constpation. I weened myself off the pain meds at about 5 to 6 weeks ( had a pneumonectomy ) and like you replaced them with Advil and Tylenol. :) At 8 weeks with the OK from my doc. I took off for the Jungles of Costa Rica ( family pic. ), the only other issue I had was bladder control :?:? , it seems that when I exert myself I have to pee, go figure?? :?:? It was a bit of a pain in Costa Rica, I did alot of peeing in the rainforests :shock::shock: People were very understanding,

God bless, stay well and it will certainly get better.

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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