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I loved Chicago!

cindi o'h

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I think I am caught up on my sleep now.

Had a wonderful time. Chicago has a good vibe. We really did stay at a fancy hotel. The Palmer Hilton, the oldest non-stop running hotel in the country. It is beautiful. I am going to see if I can duplicate the bed. It was a great sleep. I tore the tag off the pillow so that I can order some for myself! (I am a bumpkin, I know :roll: )

Well. We ate great food. You all gave wonderful suggestions. We didn't get to all. I even had cocktails and beer and wine. (Not all at once)

We went to the Navy Pier and rode the ferris wheel. We went on the Seadog architectural sunset river cruise and I really enjoyed the learning about the city that way. The buildings are astounding. Minneapolis is a small town compared to Chicago.

Went to Tony and Tina's wedding. Father Mark was at our table several times. He was trying to drum up business for tomorrow's confessions. He told me that he would reserve the whole afternoon just for me!!!

As the evening progressed, he became more and more disheveled in his appearance and manner. He was carrying a glass of "something". He ripped the rug with Sister AlbertMarie. At the end of the night, his collar was undone and he was telling me that he would love to see me in front of him on my knees!! :shock: He said that he had been praying for me for a long time...for a woman just like me. :shock: *ha* Then he asked me if I believed in the second coming. :shock::shock::shock: Miche'le and I liked him the most, of course. However, I was overly disappointed in the production as were everyone else that I polled. Maybe they had a bad night...who knows???

Miche'le brought coffee from her husband's Kona coffee farm and 10 pounds of mac nuts...yummy! Got to see the video of Marisa's wedding and all the pictures. So, I felt almost as if I were there. Her kids are all at least teenagers now. I used to spank their hineys for her!

I loved seeing Miche'le. It was magical how it all came together. I ended up staying an extra day. I got all wore out. I did pretty well the first 3 days, but then my breathing became labored. I think I had an asthma flare. Also, my ankles are swollen huge. I feel like my heart and lungs are both affected.

I have a CT scan tomorrow and meet with the surgeon, so maybe between the radiologist and him, I will find out what is going on with me these past few days.

Other than that...spirits are good. Happy to go and happy to be home.

Missed all of you.. paid fifteen bucks at the hotel to use their computer for thirty minutes!!!

love, cindi o'h

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Sounds like a great time! I guess "Wedding" is bound to be different every time - sorry the night you went it wasn't as good as it could be. Sounds like you had the best of it with your own personal priest!

Fingers crossed that the CT scan results will be good.


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Hi Cind,

Welcome back..So glad to see you back and posting. It seems like you had a blast with your friend and seem to have caught up on everything.

So glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. Now you have to take it easy and recouperate.

By the way..ya know...tearing the tags off of pillows is punishable by law... ya better watch your back and make sure there are no FBI agents on your tail as you took it out of state... :shock:

At least now you could get behind the bar where you belong... I certainly had a hard time finding all those ingredients for your Bloody Mary with asparagus spear, pickle cuke, bean, olive, celery and tomato? I couldn't find the olives... :D

I pray you have good outcomes with your scans.

Please know that I will be thinking of you and sending mediataion prayer right at you.

Take care, my friend,


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Uh huh, uh huh. And now, somewhere in downtown Chicago, sits a writer working on his next play...."Cindy and The Priest". :shock:

Forget Tony and Tina's wedding.... :wink:

So glad you had a good time, Cin...but sorry you came home with some edema and breathing problems. Hope the scan results are good and that you just overdid things a little in Chi-town. It's not as though the weather was real temperate there lately, either....eh? :?

Keep those spirits up, girl. And let us know as soon as you know anything, about the CT results, ok?

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Hey Cindi,

Are you sure that you didn't have all those drinks at once. Pulling off tags off of pillows. Those tags do read DO NOT REMOVE- PUNISHABLE BY FINE OR IMPRISONMENT. Flirting with Father Mark. You know where that will get you. Really, glad to see you had a nice time.

Good luck on the scans.

Best Wishes,


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