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Hi all


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My mom was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer last week. She will start chemo tomorrow and find out the results from PET scan and MRI to get definitive dx on limited (hopefully). I have started reading your forums and you seem like a great bunch of supportive people. I also gave her the link, so hopefully she will read and register. Just wanted to post and say hello :)

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Welcome to the LCSC Family. I am very sorry that you and your family are going thru this and if there is anything we can do, please ask. We look forward to getting to know you better and offering support, advice and prayers for you all.

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Kristiloo,welcome to our support family.There are many knowing and caring people here.

As you and your mom begin this journey please know that almost anything that comes along,there is usually someone here that has been there and done it,and will be able to give you answers and support.

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Thanks all for such a warm welcome, and encouraging words. She is a sweet, wonderful woman, and I know she has the strength to pull through this. It's still hitting home how all of our lives (especially hers) have completely changed forever in the span of a week. Thanks again for the prayers and support.

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Welcome Kristiloo,

I'm so glad you found us and I hope your mom will join us as well. We will all be here for support , understanding , hope, encouragement and prayers. Every case of cancer is so different , but among this group you can usually find someone that can relate to whatever situation you are going through. We are a big family here and you are now one of us..


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Hi Kristi,

Welcome Kristi and mom. So sorry you had to find us, but you have found a great family here who will be with you and your mom every step of her journey.

We are always here for support and prayers.

Keep us posted in what is going on with your mom. There are so many people here who have been through what you mom is going through and they are doing just fine.

Once your mom gets over the initial shock and starts treatment, they she will feel so much better. LC is not a death sentence. So if that is on her or your mind, get it out of there!!

Do not listen to stastics as so many people here have beaten the odds. And continue to do so.

Again, welcome and know we are always here. If you have questions of concerns, ask away...

Take care,


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