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melaniem wants back in


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Hey everyone,

I'm sorry my posts have been so erratic the past few months. One lung surgery, chemo, 2 brain surgeries and 20 whole brain radiation tx's in 10 months keep a girl busy. ha.

My euphoria after the first brain surgery I understand may have been steroid induced, although my spirits are still good. I am still on steroids and they are awful. I now have Cushing's Disease which is making me lose muscle and bone. Will hopefully start some physical therapy this week, the oncologist says the muscles must be used or I could lose them. Right now it takes both hands to lift off of chairs, toilets, etc. I tripped this weekend in a convenience store and could not get up. My sister and kids had to all help pull me up. I am 37 years old. And this is all from steroids. I will be on them for about another month. Because of the brain swelling we have to wean off this gradually. I'm down now to only 8mg day. I will have another brain MRI in about a month, that makes 9 so far, to make sure the swelling is still going down. I look like a punching bag too. Another lovely side effect is bruising. I've gained 20 pounds, it's all these fat pockets that accumulate on your belly, neck, face.I really try not to complain too much but it's starting to get really old. Everyone on these boards can vouch you just have those days when you aare so sick of being sick. BUT....then I realize I am the lucky one, I am ALIVE!!! And I WILL be OK, this isn't forever.

My family and friends hosted a benefit for me this past weekend and it was very successful. The work that went into it was un-believable. There were about 500 people who came and went and donated very generously. I am truly blessed. Our God is so good.

I LOVE the new string that started on the boards by debi!!! Even though I have not posted I check in regularly and everyone of you are so genuine in your words and encouraging. There are times I am in awe of some of you!!! So this is my add-on to that post and it's to everyone of you.......

words are powerful, they can absolutely destroy a person or they can save lives, build someone up, or completely change someones day. Each of you have at some point used your words in a way that has been powerful and encouraging to one of us here and that is a gift. Thank you to everyone who has lifted me up!!!

OK, enough already. I'm going to New Student Orientation w/my freshman college girl today, pray that I can get around Ok, w/my 2 half-blind eyes and hips that aren't working so good anymore.

Cancer sucks, but the Lord is good.


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Brian asked me to read your post 2X.........

He is still commenting that you will be the person to give him his first 'trim' once his hair comes back, even a little.

You have given us a much needed boost today.

We are humbled and honored to call you friend.

We are uploading 'hip strength' and are so glad you can go w/ your daughter to orientation.

Honey, you are awesome, thank you for the warm and loving post and know that we love and admire you.


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Hi Melanie,

I just want to welcome you back.

You have gone through so much pain and suffering, more than anyone can endure & tolerate. But you are a real fighter and a very strong individual.

I pray you load will lighten soon. I know you will feel so much better once you are finally off those x0&%$% steroids.

To have so many people come out for a benefit in your name, shows the kind of character you have. You are truly blessed my dear.

Keep the faith, because faith can really move mountains. Faith does not get you around trouble, it gets you though it.

I will say a special pray for you.

So glad you are back!! :D


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Melanie...it is so very wonderful to have you back with us on this board. I so admire your spirit and spunk!!! I am so glad that the event was so much help for you. People that haven't faced cancer directly have no idea the impact it can have on a family. It's wonderful that you have so many people that care for you and want to help. Wow...college orientation with your daughter. You must be a really proud mom. I remember those days with my boys. It was a combination of proud, happy and sad all rolled into one emotion. Proud of what they accomplished, happy to see them meet their goals but so sad to see them leave home and become adults! Melanie, you just keep posting away, as I love to read your posts!!!

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Mel.....Bunny nailed it. Your spirit is truly amazing. Keep it up, honey....as it all weighs on the side of continued survival...I'm sure of it!

As you wean off the steroids, I hope you feel better and better...and am sure you will.

Yeah, we all have our down moments, days, even weeks...but as long as we get (mentally) back up again to continue the fight...THAT is what counts, right?

Hang in there, Melanie. Focus on getting your daughter going with school...and by the time that's done, I hope you realize...."Hey, I'm feeling better than I was two days ago!!" :)

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From one mom of a college-bound freshman (and a new college bound sophmore - he went to community college his first year) I can really relate - enjoy the day! I found it so very exciting for her (and me), filled with those proud moments - and her dad squeezed in a little embarrassment, too! God bless you both -

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Mel-I am soooo glad you are still here. I also know the feeling of being HERE to see one off to college. My Samantha started last yr. I was diag. when she was 14 and really did not think I would be here to see the first day of college for her.

Keep up the good spirits. YOU are GREAT!!!


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