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A Tuesday connection


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I started seeing a therapist about 2 months ago. It's been very helpful, but mostly we've talked about other issues other than Mom until yesterday. In the course of our discussions it has come up that most of the bad things or most of my meltdowns seem to happen on Tuesday. Well, another work issue erupted a week ago Tuesday, so we talked about it yesterday. My therapist said, Hmmm another Tuesday... Just out of curiosity, what day did your Mom die? Guess what?? It was a Tuesday.

This is so bizarre. She did acknowledge that it could be purely coincidental, but that perhaps I just tend to be more vulnerable on Tuesdays. Very weird. I would have never guessed it. So, while I won't be hiding in my room on Tuesdays from now on, it does help to have acknowledged it I think.

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So your's is Tuesday? This is so weird!

My "Thursday" connection was pointed out to me a while back. But lo and behold, I still don't remember the connection until the awful Thursday is over.

Perhaps I should move my massage day from Friday to Thursday and you need to start scheduling one for Tuesday. Glad you posted this!



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My toughest day is on Sunday - the same day that my dad passed. I think Sundays can be tough anyway, between running errands and getting prepared for the upcoming work week. On Sunday nights, even when I am busy, I still get very melancholy and quiet. I keep thinking, "here I am, starting another week without my dad". And yet, on Monday morning I get up and shower and make my lunch and head off to work... and I survive.

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