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Tumor fevers? Have you ever had this ?


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Yes, yes, and yes! With all the blood work being done through my gallbladder ordeal, they knew there was no infection, but I'd have these odd fevers come up. Sometimes, not always, they would start with chills before my temp actually started to rise.

When I was at the cancer treatment on one of the 12 hour days I spent when I first started the oral Topotecan I felt the chills come on, but because my temp wasn't elevated, they didn't pay much attention. By the time I got home that evening, the temp started rising, so I hit the Ibuprofen and fluids. I found I could control these fevers if I got on top of them fast.

At the clinic, they always tell me to "call us any time," but after doing that a few times with not so great results (waiting 9 hours to get an Rx for a bladder infection? No thanks!) I decided to tackle this on my own. I figure if it ever gets to where I can't control it, I'll call them.

Since I've been feeling better, I haven't had one of the fevers (knock on wood). The Onc. told me it was probably due to the cancer. She had told me the same thing about the food aversion I had. But the reality is that both seemed to center around the gallbladder problems I was having, with the high bilirubin and all that. Maybe it is the cancer -- it does release some strange things that cause changes in your body, and the Onc. says your immune system may be reacting with the fever, even in the absence of an infection.

At least I know now that there isn't an infection, so won't be filling myself full of unnecessary antibiotics.


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When my husband first got chemo he would run a fever starting about 4 0r 5 in the afternoon. It would rise quickly to about 100.1 and then quickly go away (2-3 hrs whole event). However, after a couple of weeks of this it went higher one night to 101.5. I took him to our local hospital and they admitted him right away. The ER nurse called it "chemo fever". He was in a couple of days on broad spectrum antibiotics. They gave him a nuepegen shot. He started getting them (the shots) everytime he had chemo from then on and no more fevers. So far with the chemo he started last week no fever. I am going to ask about getting the shots again next time we go back.

Karen H

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my cousin who had Oral/neck cancer was on antiobiotics 24/7 because of tumor fever. He could not come off of them or his temp would spike so high he would have to be hospitalized with IV antiobiotics.

he temp daily ran between 99-102 and it was that was for almost a year.

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Yes I went thru about a yr of 99 - 100. I had tests done several times. Nothing showed up. Dr put me on Bactrim DS 1 a day 3 times a week. I took them on M-W-F. Seemed to work after a few months I quit them and no more fevers :P:P

I get the sweats everyday tho-For no reason I am dripping sweat, off my scalp and down my face. Weird!!

No idea why-I have been doing this for 2-3 yrs now.


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Yes, I get them and I'm 3 years past chemo treatment. Just had one on Sunday/Monday. Although they rarely go above 100, it's enough to make me miserable. My dr. gave me a prescription for Zithromax which I take when I see it coming and that gets it under control. He thinks they are bacterially related and I'm susceptable to bacteria. Just as an aside, it's a good idea to have your teeth cleaned as much bacteria lurks in the mouth. I'm going next week to do this, just to knock out that possibility.


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Hi Jen,

Jim constantly was battling a fever, but it seemed to go the highest when he was on the Topotecan. If I recall correctly, the nurse said that fever could be a side effect of the Topo. He was also taking the Neupogen shots and I think they can contribute also. Sometimes his hovered 102+.

Good luck with getting some better info on this so you can feel better.


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