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Mom's first day of chemo


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Hey guys, newcomer here. I posted yesterday for the first time in the newcomer's forum. Today we received not quite the news we were hoping for about my mom. The doctor said it was extensive SCLC because it was in some lymph nodes in her neck. However (this is all secondhand per my dad), the doctor said that was debatable limited/extensive so I guess that is good. They recorded what the doctor said, so I will listen to it when my dad emails it to me.

I, however, like to think the diagnosis is mainly to get her involved in this clinical trial she is participating in (ext SCLC only). The chemo went well today, she says she feels fine (she was mainly bored to death lol), but this stuff has some weird side effects. I will get back to you with names of medicine after I hear the tape, or maybe someone here will know and tell me :). She's not supposed to touch or ingest anything cold or the doctor said it would be like hitting her funny bone (painfully strangely tingly I guess). Also, she will be doing the "rough" medicine 1 day a week - rest for 2 weeks - 3 day treatments - rest for 2 weeks - rough medicine 1 day.

Anyway, I'll update more as I find out, just wanted to post. Hope you all are well.

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I do pray everything goes well for your mother. Chemo is not fun and it takes alot out of a person--and it takes alot for the patient to tolerate the treatment. God bless those patients. Hang in there. i'm sure your mother is a strong person and will do fine. God bless,Nancy C

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Just love that your dad is recording the doctor's words. It has been suggested but not many do it. You will gather lots of info from this. I like that you are caring for your mom an extra mile by finding out the technical stuff. This will serve you and her well. Keep up the good work!

Cindi o'h

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Thanks guys. She was very tired today, I guess to be expected, otherwise doing well. I am also impressed my parents thought to bring a tape recorder (and use it!)... I'm not sure I would have thought of that lol.

Once again, you guys are awesome, I'm so happy I found this place! There is so much "negative" information on the internet, it's great to find a place where people are so warm and caring, and in lots of cases beating the odds! I feel like I've been on an emotional rollercoaster lately, but reading you guys positive thoughts, and seeing - hey I'm not the only one going through this, and furthermore, I'm not even the one *actually* going through it makes me feel a lot more positive. I'm realizing cancer can't beat love, hope, inner strength and support unless you let it.

Much love and respect for everyone here.

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