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CT results back today


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I thought about posting in Good News; but not all of it is....


(he only had it in the left lung- two large tumors- then only one small one- now nothing)

No cancer at all present in his lung (he had two huge tumors, then one small tumor- all in left lung) Now nothing.

That's very good news.

The doctor also thinks he sees some activity in the liver.....>

Dad was orig. dx. with two mets to the liver. They had shrunken down to 1/4 their origination size and then stayed stable-for a long time.

Looks like there is some activity in the liver now. :cry: Maybe growth, maybe more mets within the liver- unsure yet. Dr. plans to wait one more month while dad is still on this topotecan, and do another CT. If there is any remarkable growth that can be measured in that time - a new treatment plan will be discussed and made. I plan to bring up the RFA and other treatment options I think are possible. In the past, Dr. always wanted to concentrate on the lung...well it's CLEAN, again so it's time to concentrate on that liver and re-visit all the treatment options I threw onto the table several months ago.

Still praying that those pesky lesions in the liver would just GO AWAY....but I am prepared to help dad fight if he needs to.

Dad is happy about the results. He's lucky that his liver is still functioning at 100% and the tumor(s) are very small....If they don't go away on their own---they need to be removed. He has no idea how serious mets to liver can be and I don't plan to tell him. I want to let him have this happiness.

So, Todays news was not the absolute BEST news, but not bad either.

Thanks to all of you for being here for me.

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I was happy to hear that your Dad's scans turned out so well. :D I have been waiting all day to hear the results. Your Dads cancer is much like my Mom's as she has no cancer in the lungs at this time but her liver mets continue to grow at a slow pace. She will get scans again in 2 weeks. I will continue to keep you and your Dad in my prayers and hopefully those pesky liver mets will hit the road soon!!!

Lots of Hugs,

Susan M.

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katie thats great news about the lungs!! YAY!!! as for the liver...dont go jumping the gun, we are not doctors and until a doctor confirms anything please try and stay positive.

We were told months ago that Dads liver was enlarged and they were very worried about it...well of course we all assumed that it had spread right...what else could it be...turns out it was nothing and we had all added that extra stress we sure as heck dont need!

Keep positive...I am sending my positivity in your direction right now!!


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Thanks for the update on your dad. I have also been checking to see you post with more information about the results.

That IS great news about his lungs!!!!!

I think the IF there is actually problems in the liver he can beat that too.

I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers.

You didn't mention how you mom responded about the news. Was it as bad as she thought? Is she still worried like before?

Give your dad a hug for me and tell him that we are thinking about him. :D

Hugs to You, Shelly

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Congragulations on the good part of your post. :):):) .

This ought to be proof that Prayer does change things. Will continue to remember your dad in Prayer.

I go to my onc and my radiation dr today. First time I saw onc since my surgery (June 17). Not sure what my radiation dr wants but he called here and set me up with appt to see him. I finished radiation on May 20. Possibly wants to do additional radiation as preventive measure.

Take care and God Bless.


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Katie, GREAT NEWS about your dads lungs being clear of any cancer :D:D !!! I am sorry about the liver mets. My dad has them, too. Hopefully the chemo will take care of them.

Seeing as how your dad has no other mets, RFA should be able to be done. They tend NOT to do RFA if there are other mets (as my dad has :cry: , and as Norme has found out for her Buddy :cry: ). So, you're dad is in a really good position right now to be able to get the RFA, and it is very non-intrusive.

I hope that your mom is able to see the good in the results, too. How's she holding up? Take care, KatieB, Deb

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Awesome news for you, Jessee, AND your whole family Katie! To hear that large, multiple tumors are being zapped and shrunk like that is just the news people are accessing this message board for. I hope everything turns out OK with the liver as well. Take care,

David P.

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