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Pneumonitis & Lymph Nodes


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I still don't know all the details, except Don has pneumonitis in both lungs, a small pleural effusion and two mediastinal lymph nodes, 13 mm each, are mentioned. The pericardial effusion is described as moderate. More prominent and new bone lesions are mentioned in the ribs and, particularly the thoracic and lumbar spine. No change in the 2 liver tumors. He is running a low-grade fever (99.5 to 100).

A bronchoscopy is scheduled for tomorrow morning and biopsies to see what's going on. He now has a pulmonologist on his team, and a neurologist is likely to be added tomorrow. The pulmonolist was wonderful. He said there was a "lot of activity going on in both lungs, and I need to go in there to see what's going on, and I want to do some biopsies."

He's going to start him on antibiotics right after the bronchoscopy. He didn't want to start them today because he said they can affect the results of the bronch.

Lymph nodes have never been mentioned in any scans for two years. It doesn't say anything about them except where they are located ("mediastinal", and in one place it says "pretracheal") and seen in the "AP window??" (whatever that is), and gives the size. What does that mean? Aren't they always there? Is that large? Does anybody know?

We, unfortunately, cannot get the EEG (brain) results until tomorrow morning because of technology breakdown reasons. :roll:

The pulmonologist told him he was going to be there a minimum of 2 to 3 more days. He's madder than a tormented snake, but too weak to get up and walk out of the hospital. He did settle down in the afternoon and said, "Well, I guess I was pretty presumptuous to think I could get through this without any problems."

That's all I know. Any prayers are still very much appreciated.

Love to all,


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Oh Peggy :cry:

Sounds like a mixed bag for sure. I'm sure you will have more answers tomorrow, for now it is just a waiting game. Sounds like his team is wonderful and ready to get a plan together. I'm with Don, hospitals are horrible, but at least you can rest easy that he won't be on any tractors in the next few days! :wink:

I've been thinking about you and Don and including you in my prayers.....


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Sounds like there is a good team in place and that there is a plan to proceed with certain tests. I don't understand either some of that terminology. Hopefully in the next day or so all will be made clear.

I am glad Don has decided this is what is best for now and is cooperating (not LEAVING the hospital, for instance).

For certain we all will be waiting to hear results and the plan of attack! Hope you are getting some rest and are eating properly. You know all our very best wishes are with you.



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Oh Peggy, I am so sorry to hear the news about Don. :cry:

Keep the faith as it doesn't get you around trouble, it gets you through it.

I will say prayers for better outcomes and continued strentgh to you.


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You need to bottle Don's attitude. You could sell it for huge $$$. What a fighter!!!!

As Tann said, it does sound like a mixed bag of results, but the important thing is that Don is where he should be right now and that they are evaluating all the problems and should have a good plan in place.

I hope Mike is handling this well, you only need one guy problem at a time.

Keep us posted Peggy dear.

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Well, Peggy,

We did check last night for an update and then entrusted our concerns for Don, Mike and you to God.

We are praying so fervently for problem identification and effective treatment.

We hope you are getting some rest and we are glad Don is willing to work w/ his excellent medical team to get things back on track.

Peggy, you know how much we care and how firmly we have you in prayer..............I just wanted to remind you.


Pat and Brian

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The lymph nodes are just around where the windpipe splits into two and goes to the left/right lungs. Near the aorta.

13 mm is a litle over 1 centimeter. Anything greater that 10 mm is sometimes investigated further.

Enlarged lymph nodes don't necessarily mean anything as far as the cancer goes (sometimes it could be an infection). They are sometimes malignant and sometimes not. Sometimes lymph nodes that are not enlarged are malignant. That is why the dr wants to do biopsies.


Hope everything works out

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Peggy...just hang in there and know that I'm still saying prayers and am here for you!!! I know how aggrevated Don must be with the idea of being in the hospital. There, he's not in total control of his environment like these guys often want to be!!! You know my story...been there...done that!!!!

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I don't begin to understand all that stuff, but it sounds like Don is exactly where he should be , in the hospital getting checked out. The one thing we did just have experince with is pneumonitis. It can cause a fever in itself , severe shortness of breath and the way Mike's was treated was heavy doses of prednisone. For him, it worked. Saying lots of prayers for you and Don that those biopsies show negatives and you get a game plan for treating the rest.

Love and Prayers,


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Your hubby is so funny. I can almost see him. I get a huge kick out of his extreme passion about living life the way he wants. This is holding him up from doing it. I gotta chuckle, can't help it.

Sounds like you and he are in a good place at the hospital. You do keep a good eye out and are a great advocate. See if they can slip him something to calm his ancy-ness, if he will let that happen.

Sorry he feels so crappy.

Hang in there.

Cindi o'h

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