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I'm late responding too. Been pre-occupied with company visiting and fishing. That Alimta sure reacts totally different to some people. I didn't have any rash or lose any hair that I know about since I've kept mine shaved off since the last Chemo. I did have extreme fatigue and SOB, especially after the 5th and 6th treatment. It's been two months since my last Alimta treatment and the SOB has slowly diminished. I'm finally able to continue my normal 2 mile walk every day as well as play golf and fishing. As you know, I think the Decadron had a lot to do with the side effects and I've been off the steroids over six weeks.

Sure hope and pray that things start going better for you soon. Like you said, all the crap they have been putting into your body, you just don't know which one is causing what. Keep fighting, things will be getting better soon.

God Bless.


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I'm just now finding this post...but please know all my best thoughts and vibes are headed your way. Hoping those liver values come down quickly so you can have the next Alimta. And hoping too, that the rash clears.

Bad enough to be on chemo, eh...without being polka-dotted and itchy. :?

Keep us posted, okay?

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