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Moving van pass


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Hi everyone,

Brian and I are moving into our very first home tomorrow, so I won't be on line as much for a few days.

Just a quick update:

My mom is still plodding along, she is weak and tired, they still don't know what caused the respiratory problems when she went in for the anyerusm. We see oncologist Aug 5 and I imagine scans will be soon.

As for me, still not pregnant. still going through fertility treatment. And still as neurotic as ever :)

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Congrats on the new house to be made into a home! And hopefully your Mom will be feeling stronger very soon.

And Shelley is absolutely right. You have no idea what you're in for, and I hope that you and your husband love every minute of it!

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Congratulations on the new house, may the babies to fill it be not far behind!

Glad your Mom is still up to the battle and hope her appointments and scans yield some good news.


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As my Mother always said, "The most expensive part of a new home are the trips to the hardware store." (She died before Home Depot). Here a hook, there a switch plate, here a hammer, there a can of paint or a hose, or a door mat or a credit card that is maxed out.

Enjoy every minute of it.

Hope they find out what is ailing your Mother, you need her for all the new home shopping trips.

And being settled in your new home may just bring the relaxation you and Brian need for babies.

We want pictures.

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Hi Andrea,

Congradulatins on your move. You know how the saying goes... new house...new baby.. :wink: May that be the case for you guys.

Take care and enjoy your new home.

Mazel Tov!!


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