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Any expertise with throat cancer?


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In May, my mom's pulmonoligist causually mentioned that Mom's bronchoscopy (my medical spelling it horrendous) showed "distals on her vocal cords." Mom asked if this was cancerous, and the Dr. said it was.

Fast forward to July, and Mom asked the rad. onc. about the vocal cords. He had no info in his files, but said that if it was vocal cord cancer, then that is a different beast from the adenocarcinoma that is in her lungs and on her skull.

I checked back with Mom's pul. who said she knows she put it in mom's file to her onc., but can't remember if she mentioned it specifically to him. She assumed that since Mom was getting Chemo (just Tarceva) and radiation (just on her skull) it would take care of it. She spoke with the onc., and they want mom to see an ENT.

Now mom's very upset about this 'new' development, and we are dancing with the insurance companies on who we can go to on it. She sees an ENT on 8/9 for more scoping.

Does anyone else have experience with vocal cord cancer? We feel so lost.



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Dear Kelly,

I am unfamiliar with your question, but oh so familiar with the dance.

I jsut want to express how sorry I am, and to keep being such an advocate. People like you will make a difference for us who suffer from this disease.

Thank you and my prayers are that you remain strong.


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Hi Kelly

Well, I don't have any expertise with throat cancer at all, my only knowledge comes from my own mum having a tumour removed from her vocal chords twenty years ago. BUT, the attitude of your pulmonologist sounds totally bizarre to me. I don't imagine that the chemo regime would be the same as for lung cancer, or that (obviously) radiation to another body part would be of any use whatsoever! She may have been presuming that it is a metastasis of the lung cancer - but I don't think it is wise to presume that without doing biopsy. The ENT will be much more on the ball with regard to this development.

On a brighter note, Mum had hers removed surgically, and never had any other treatment, and it was never an issue again. I hope that, if it IS cancer, the same is true for your Mom.

Keep us posted,


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