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Thank you all


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Joanie...You mean the world to us!!! I know you are very worried right now. How about sitting down in front of your computer screen right now, putting all your fears in the palm of your hand, blow on them and pass them on to us!!! We're always here for you...good or bad. Helping you carry some of those fears is the least we can do to help! I'm saying lots of prayers for you and sending lots of hugs!!!!

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Joanie...bear with me a moment:

I have a friend who had a massive stroke last October. I gave him a card recently that had two cartoon dogs on the front, and was blank inside for my message to him.

One of the cartoon dogs is holding a pork chop and the other one is saying to him..."Hey buddy, I saw you catching that frisbee and you were amazing! I'd sure like to see you do that again. If you'll go catch that frisbee again...I'll hold your pork chop for you!" :lol::lol: (I can just hear my male dog - a chowhound - saying this to another dog..which makes it even funnier to me! :wink: )

What I wrote inside the card to my friend was, "Let's pretend all your worries are a pork chop. Now...give me that pork chop and let me hold it for you!"

So...that's what I'm offering you too, Joanie. All your worries about the upcoming month are simply a "pork chop". You give your pork chop to all of us to hold for you...and you go back to living and enjoying your life WITHOUT ANY WORRIES...until you get your test results and can relax again. How's that? A good deal?

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