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SCLC clinical trial


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I'm on an automatic email list to receive news about lc clinical trials. (centerwatch.com) This came this morning:

Trial Information

Summary: Picoplatin or Topotecan as Second-Line Therapy for Patients with Small Cell Lung Cancer

This research study is designed for patients who have small cell lung cancer (SCLC) that is no longer responding to treatment. Patients will be randomized to receive either picoplatin, a new platinum-based agent that is currently under investigation, or topotecan (Hycamtin ®), in order to measure the efficacy and safety of each treatment. (Patients will be randomized 2:1 in favor of picoplatin.)

Small cell lung cancer is the most aggressive and lethal form of lung cancer. Combination chemotherapy, including platinum therapy, is the standard first-line treatment for SCLC. Despite high response rates to first-line chemotherapy, long-term survival is rare, as patients relapse and develop resistance to available agents.

Platinum drugs work by binding to DNA and preventing cell division, eventually leading to cell death. Cell division can be very rapid in aggressive tumors. However, many patients demonstrate a resistance to platinum drugs. Results from preclinical studies indicate that picoplatin (previously called AMD473 or ZD0473) may be able to overcome or partially overcome the primary mechanisms of platinum resistance. More than 500 patients have received picoplatin in previous Phase I or Phase II clinical trials.

In this Phase II study, eligible patients will be given picoplatin or topotecan in 21-day cycles. Subjects may receive treatment cycles for up to 1 year as long as they continue to respond to therapy or demonstrate stable disease, and are able to tolerate therapy.

Inclusion Criteria:

1)Diagnosis of resistant or refractory small cell lung cancer.

2)Patients must have had only one prior chemotherapy regimen (prior topotecan is not allowed).

(Additional eligibility criteria apply)

If you go to this link, they have a form you can fill out for more info or to be considered for participation.

http://www.centerwatch.com/patient/stud ... 80465.html

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