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Proud of Mom

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After being down in the dumps for the past week or so, my Mom decided to go to my cousin's baby shower...even though I couldn't go. She even had to drive about 200 miles (on her own) to get there, and stay overnight.

I loaded her car with all of her oxygen paraphernalia (she's on 24/7) and off she went. It's great to see her striking out on her own, with a bit more confidence. She's physically capable of doing this, but hasn't been mentally up to it for awhile.

I'm leaving tomorrow for a week to go backpacking in CO. I'm a little nervous about being out of touch and inable to communicate, but I know there are others who can take care of things while I'm gone. My husband thinks this will be good for me, so I'll take him at his word.

:) Kelly

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Hi Kelly,

That is great news about your mom. She has come such a long way.

I wouldn't even want to drive 200 miles by myself, and your mom is doing this with all her oxygen paraphanlia. Good for her!!! Way to Go!!

Enjoy your relaxing trip with your hubby. That is just what the doctor ordered :D

Your mom will be fine. She's a big girl and has shown she can handle this.

Have fun, :wink:


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Your mom's trip is a great indication that she's starting to feel better about herself and life in general. She picked a great occasion, something happy and full of promise for the future!

Yeah, go enjoy your trip. When you get back your mom will get lots of pleasure hearing all about your fun. She wants her child to be happy!


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