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Partial Results are in


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Well yesterday (Friday)they did the Bronch and the Mediastenoscopy. The surgeon says that the initial results on the lymphs is negative but that the tumor in the bronch is to close to the main bronch that they may not be able to do any resections. I see the Onc on Monday and then will decide if I get Chemo first to try and decrease the size of the tumor. Then maybe, just maybe they can do a resection and not have to take the whole lung. The surgeon says they should have the final results on the lymphs by sometime next week. Here's keeping your fingers crossed and all.


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I had a tumor on my bronch too, and they were able to resect it. Mine was actually right on the border of bronch and young surgeon didn't want to take it, but older mentor surgeon guided him and it was successful. Thank goodness for age and wisdom, huh?

Hope you have good results too.


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Hi Ralph,

Great news about your lymphs. Now for the next step. Get ready to take on the challenge.

I will be thinking of you Monday.

Good luck to you Ralph. You will feel better once you start treatment. Will be thinking of you on Monday.

We are always here. If you have any questions ask away as so many people here have hands on experience. Let us know what your Onc. says about treament.



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