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Nausea Question - Sign cancer has spread???


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Question - my dad is currently NOT undergoing any treatment for his Stage IIIb treatment - last year he had chemo (trial) and radiation. Its a year later and he is feeling very nauseaous. Last scan it looked like there might be a spot or it could have been "scarring" from his latest bought w/ infection. But now I'm wondering if the cancer has spread further and causing this. Anyone have any similar experience? He went to a gastro dr and he prescribed an anti-nauseau med, but it hasn't been helping. He has thrown up a couple of times and is not really eating anything. He has a catscan on Tuesday and an appt the following Mon for the results.

Anythng to ease our minds or suggest something to help would be a big help.

Thanks in advance.


dad 62, dx 9/03 stage 3b NSCLC adenocarcinoma

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I have a different type of lung cancer...small cell...which might make a difference. But if he is nauseated, no appetite...have him ask the gastro doctor about an MRCP or ERCP....which is an MRI of that area...liver, pancreas, biliary tree.

In my case...my cancer had gone to my liver and pancreas...which accounted for my "unsettled" tummy. It hurt up high...sort of under my boobs...not low in the gut. But I never threw up. My primary doc thought it was a virus at first...and then pancreatitis.

It wasn't either one. It was a recurrence of the cancer. I don't mean to worry you...and like I said, small cell is different than what your dad has and is far more aggressive than most non small cell lung cancers.

But my scan and an ultra sound didn't show anything. An MRI of that area showed the tumors. It's worth asking your dad's gastro doc if having an MRI is justified based on his symptoms.

I'm sending out good thoughts that this is not a recurrence for your dad. Please keep us posted...but do pursue things till he gets relief from his symptoms. No reason for him to be sick or not eating....and in fact, it's not good for him. He needs to keep his strength up and make sure he stays hydrated...but push the docs to find an answer. That's what I would do!

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Good question, Paula.

Ask the experts if you haven't already.

I have been feeling a little woozy at times myself and there is some question whether or not there is recurrence for me too. So, I will be looking to see what others may have to say on this.

Cindi o'h

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This thread is helpful to me.

Brian has been feeling 'yucky in the tummy', and it is confusing. He doesn't throw up, but he can never tell if he is nauseated or hungry. Sometimes a bit of food helps, some time it makes things worse.

He generally feels yucky and is running a temp more often.

We have scans Tuesday. We will let you know.

I pray that none of us is having progression and that this is 'flukey'.


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Dad was admitted last night to the Telemetry unit but only as a preventive since he mentioned chest pains he had but no longer had. He continues to dry heave and did throw up this morning. They are giving him anti naseau meds by IV.

Still don't know whats wrong, but he is going to have a scope tomorrow to check for reflux, etc. They say it might be 1 of 3 things

1. Diabetes related

2. Cancer related

3. Blockage

So the wait continues

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2 spots - 1 in the brain and 1 on the skull.

Endoscopy tomorrow.

Have to talk w/ oncologist / gastro after that regarding MRCP/ERCP. Thanks for that suggestion.

Will have to also read up now on brain options.

Thanks for your words of wisdom

Will update as new news comes.


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Paula, thanks for the update. I'm sorry about the brain and skull mets...but there are options for those too!

Keep asking questions of the docs....and here. Armed with information, you make a good advocate for your dad. Hoping you get some better news regarding his other symptoms. Keep us posted....

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