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Hi Amie!!!

Yes, i'm still around...just so "blah" lately and not sure how to shake it or even what's CAUSING the blah's. I feel like this should be such a happy time...Mom's done with radiation and on a little break before we zap the remining "spot" and hopefully make her emptyheaded and before we begin the next rounds of chemo...but i'm just NOT. I've been reading the boards, just haven't had much to say that seemed to make much of a difference...and I'm not much for just talking to hear myself talk lately! :? Used to not be a problem! :wink:

Hope Suki is gettin along better...as always, you both, as are all on here, are in my prayers.


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Hi Missy,

Sorry to hear you are in a down mood. Hopefully, tht will pass. But so glad to hear you mom is doing so well.

I hope you feel better soon and start to post again.

I miss reading both of your postings.

Please be well and count your blessings your mom is doing so well. If your "blahs" continues, please see your Doc. he may be able to help you feel better with medication.

I am worried about you and hope you bounce back to your old self too.


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