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Finally an answer


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Went to the onc today and they said they didn't want to see me. Said since the lymph nodes were clear there was no reason for me to be there. The tumor in the right bronch is 4cm X 2.5cm and the oncologist says that since it is in the bronc that I am a IIa. :shock: Onc doc says that they will monitor me but that I will have a lot better chance if they take the lung either partially or fully. Then they will look into some chemo (maybe)after the surgery. The surgeon came back in, same one who did the mediastenoscopy and said let's schedule this right away and see what we can do. :? So I am scheduled to go in on the 16th of August and have the surgery on the 17th. Then it's 5 days or so in the hospital and then the recovery at home. This is not going to beat me. I'm going to get through this and anything else that comes along.

Thanks for the prayers and help recently. You all give me lots to shoot for.

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I will be thinking of you and praying for a speedy recovery from your upcoming surgery. Sometimes, it's a relief to finally have an answer and be able to plan a method of attack. It sounds like you're on the right track!!!!

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You are probably really scared right now but rest assure this is the best thing that could happen to you. You are so lucky you are a candidate for the surgery.

You will get through the surgery fine and we will be here to support you. So many people here have had that surgery done.

Hopefully your stage will say the same. They will remove some of your lymph nodes during the surgery and that will have to be biospyed to make sure it did not spread to any of them. If all is clear your staging will stay the same.

I wish you luck and again, you are lucky you can have this operation done.

We are here for support, prayers and any questions you may have.

First off why don't you give us your first name so we feel like you are part of our family here.

Again, good luck your doctors seem to have it all down pact. You will be fine.


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Sorry, being a computer geek the naming conventions are usually your first initial and last name to log in and use a system. My name is Ralph and I am a retired US Air Force enlisted guy. I currently work in a casino in the IT department. Which means I get to sit at a computer all day.

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