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Not as good as I thought . . .


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Well, things aren’t improving quite like I thought they were yesterday. Don’s breathing is getting worse. Every time they try to get him up, his 02 drops to the low to mid-70s, and that is quite low.

They increased his solumedrol (steroids) to 80 mg. and are giving it to him more frequently, but so far it isn’t helping much. He's also getting breathing treatments that don't seem to help much, and he is also coughing now, an unproductive cough. He’s ok as long as he just lays there. He can sit on the side of the bed and eat without too much trouble, but even taking a few steps to the bedside commode is very difficult. Laying at rest, with 6 liters of oxygen, his O2 is 88-90.

The pulmonary doc said if his breathing isn’t better in the morning, he’s going to get another CT scan. And, if that doesn’t indicate anything more that might tell them what is causing this, then they are probably going to do a thoracotomy. The oncologist is the one that told us that tonight. It’s an invasive procedure and I’m not jumping for joy over this being done, but if it might help, then I will support it. I don't know much about this procedure, but I looked it up and here's a link that tells about it. http://www.merck.com/mrkshared/mmanual/ ... 65/65k.jsp

As soon as I finish this post, I'm going to do a search here to see who has had this done in our group.

And, thank you all for your responses about Alimta. I gave it to the onc and he thought it was helpful, but he still couldn't say the Alimta is the cause without further tests. He did say that he would never say never, but that there might not be anymore Alimta for Don, and he might have to stop aggressive treatment and just treat him with steroids and similar medications . . . . sigh.

Don is now being very cooperative, and we have had a great meeting of the minds over all of this. He told the pastor today that this blindsided him and asked him to pray for him to have peace of mind.

This is not the end though, folks, and we are not giving up. Don is optimistic and fully expects to get past this setback. Please pray for the same, and thank you in advance!

Love to all,


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Oh (((Peggy))),

You hang in there. I know that with Mike's pneumonitis, steroids were the only answer and they didn't work overnight. They worked gradually.The ones they give in IV are more potent and should help a bit quicker. Mike hasn't had treatment since he developed that. I guess common sense tells us that they are in such a weakened condition that chemo is usually out of the question. I know Don and Mike may not have the same problem at all, but Mike couldn't walk 5 feet without struggling to breathe. Now he still has his oxygen, but it's on 2 liters and he can do without it to walk down a rather long hallway to the bathroom, to dress etc. He get's a little winded , but he's not gasping for breath . With his oxygen he is in total comfort breathing unless he is walking and he has to just slow it down a bit. He also had a dry nonproductive cough , but that has long gone. I'm praying for Don and for you and your son, Mike. I'm telling you all this because I want you to know that Mike recovered from the pneumonitis pretty good and he was very much the way you describe Don. God be with you and yours, Peggy.



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Peggy, Don,

Thank you for the update. Our prayers are unwavering.

The Lord is YOUR Shepherd.................

The best part of the post is relative to the 'meeting of minds'.

Know we are with you guys and that we care so much.


Pat and Brian

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Oh Peggy,

This is such destressing news and such a hard post to reply too. He seem to be doing much better and now this latest setback.

Please know that Don is in my prayers. I pray for some kind of change for the better. Please keep the faith going. Anything could change at any given moment. Also praying the the steroids will work for him and his breathing to improve with his O2 levels going up.

I don't know what a Thoractomy is but I will read up on that link you sent. But anything that will help should be done.

(((( Peggy))))


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