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Leslie ,new moderator for LC Survivors


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Hi Leslie,

I see you are a new moderator for LC Survirors. I just want to welcome you and say that you are a special person to give your time to help run that forum.

I wish I had the time but I run my own website and also work a full time job, so I do not have the time to help Katie with a forum.

Again, welcome and I think you will make a great moderator. You are so full of zest and you posts are so enlightening and supportive.


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Wow! I was browsing the topics here and saw my name - :shock: Thank you for such nice words! Looking forward to using my free time for something useful.

I need to talk with my co-moderator, but I think one of our responsibilities will be to organize a file of everyone's dx anniversary and let the whole board know so each person can get the congrats they deserve even if they're too shy to share the news!


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Well before I say Hooray to Leslie for becoming a moderator I think it's only RIGHT that we also recognise that Barb (bbays) also is a moderator for the LC Survivor Forum. :D:D

I would hate to recognise one without the other. :oops:

Thank you to Barb and to Leslie for offering to lend a helping hand here at LCSC.

We appreciate ALL the moderators here at LCSC!!

Best wishes and thanks again to all our Moderators.

Welcome aboard Leslie and Barb on becoming a moderator.

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Hi Barb,

Soooo Sorry, I did not mean to slight you in any way. :oops:

Thank you Connie for bring that up.

Thank you so much Barb, for giving your time to help with the new forum... we are blessed to have you.

You and Leslie will make a great team. :D

A very special WOOOOHOOOO to you Barb.


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