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How to stay positive???


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I just joined this group- was diagnosed with NSCLC 6 weeks ago- stage 3a. Started radiation and chemo last week. Goal is to be ready for surgery in 6 weeks- just looking for advice on how to stay positive and focused on beating it!!!. Every hour my mood changes- never faced anything like this before.

I am 49, non smoker, so, shock and fear continue to be my over riding feelings.

I understand the power of positive thinking, just trying to figure out how to feel that way !!!

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behappy, I'm still trying to figure out why I was so upbeat during the entire time of my treatments. Maybe because I never bought into any of those dreadful statistics. Or maybe because I thought it was going to be a very interesting learning experience. I wish I had an answer. I would gladly give it to everyone.

Ask your doctor if an antidepressant would help. I believe in "better living thru chemistry." JudyB

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I have no magic answer for keeping a positive attitude.

I am sorry you have to become a member of our group. However, I think you will find people here with great stories that will help you keep a great attitude.

And if you are ever feeling crappy just let us know, we will try and help.

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You've got a great start on the problem as evidenced by your choice of name! It's wonderful!

I have to confess that I was in a kind of miserable "fog" and totally scared to death when I was first diagnosed. I just existed from day-to-day until my surgery. After surgery I had a Survivor's Epiphany and realized how fragile and temporary life is for EVERYONE. I determined to give God thanks for every single day and then go out and appreciate it and help others enjoy it too, if I could. In my case, time helped...time to suffer, time to grieve, time to recover, time to come to some kind of grips with this rotten disease, time to discover it has provided some positives in my life such as not sweating the small stuff and making marvelous connections with neat people here on this message board, and time to look forward. I pray you also receive the blessing of time sufficient to meet your needs.

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Behappy, I love that handle! Two things my wife and I work on together. (She has NSCLC with bone mets.) (1) We stay focused on the present and near future and what we can do. We don't dwell on the future "out there" because none of us knows what that brings. (2) We try to separate the "mountains" (really serious events) from the "molehills" (not so serious events). This helps us keep perspective. Best to you and blessings. Don

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Dear Behappy,

I too was overwhelmed by feelings of sadness after I was diagnosed with Stage IIIA NSCLC almost 20 months ago. I finally had to go on an anti-depressant called Celexa. It helped me very much.

Throughout this whole ordeal people have always commented on my positive attitude and I started to think about the process of my becoming a postive person (since I was not the world's greatest optimist before). I became a positive person when I started counting my blessings, it's that simple.

Eventhough I had/have a life threatening disease, I feel like the luckiest person in the world because of a very loving husband, a family that can't do enough for me, excellent doctors, wonderful friends-the list is very long. Please don't think I'm a Pollyanna. I am very well aware of my situation, but just try to look on the bright side. Sometimes that's harder than others but in general, life is very good despite the diagnosis.

I am also a very deep believer is the power of prayer and that has eased the burden.

I hope this helps you. I am thinking of you.


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Hey Behappy will ya! I too like the name you have chosen. They say, "what's in a name?" You've already got it figured out. Ada's hit the nail right on the head - just look on the bright side - everything has one - sometimes you have to look harder than others to find it though. Surviving lung cancer definitely put a "brighter side" to

almost everything else I have ever encountered in my life since I had my left lung removed 26 years ago; everything since has been small potatoes, a piece of cake, peanuts, just molehills really. I exercise regularly, eat healthy, like Tiny says, and I don't sweat the small stuff. One saying I've become famous for (to my wife's chagrin) is, "don't worry about it." Plain and simple, don't worry about what you have no control over. You're alive and breathing - brightside - you'll breeze through surgery - bright side

- recovery will be a snap - bright side - you'll be playing football with the over 40's... no, that'll be the over 50's next year - BRIGHT SIDE --- get the picture, Behappy? If all else fails, look up one of Don Wood's jokes in the "Just for Laughs" category, or just sit back and try to imitate Karma's Dancing Spiderman moves.

So long for now,

David P.

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Hi Behappy!!

Will as you can see, all these wonderful people on this board are a tough act to follow when it comes to advice. Do I have 2 cents worth I can add this your request?! You beat I do!! I have 7+ years of 2 cents worth to share with you being that I was a Stage IIIA-B as well!!! :D:D:D

However, you are in what is called the dreaded "beginning stages" of this journey so all your fears and sadness is totally understandable and rightfully so. It SUCKS to have lung cancer and that's the bottom line.

However, it is VERY BEATABLE! TADAH!!!! And you have a darn good chance of doing just that!! I was 43 when I was dx.d with Lung Cancer and now I am the BIG 50 and damn proud of it!!! :):) Depression and cancer seem to go hand and hand, like cigarettes and booze! (oh that's right you didn't smoke)! :) (well turst me on that one)! Some of us do need some extra help with getting back on a positive frame of mind and Judy B is 120% right when she said, "better living through chemistry" VERY SOUND ADVICE!!! And it works too!! :)

I also think being a part of this board will take some of the pressure you are dealing with and you will find your not in this journey alone. I faciliate a Lung Cancer Support Group here in Minnesota and the Power of each others presents is so benefical to our recovery and every day lives. You might wish to see if there is a Lung Cancer Support Group in your area as well. They claim they add years to our lives!! (what ever works)!

Down days are bound to happen, but you can enjoy life as well. You have a good chance of beating this and life is GOOD, so GO LIVE IT because you CAN!!!

Stay with us, we'll walk the walk with you, your not alone! Oh, by the way, don't sell yourself short, you are going through all the norm with being a lung cancer survivor. I'm pretty sure we have ALL been where you are at one time or another.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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