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PCI side effects????


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Hi Everybody, I have been doing a little better. I just have a question for any of you that had PCI treatment. After chemo I had enough hair to call it a buzz. After the PCI which the last one was 6/29/05

I still have no hair. Any suggestions?????????

Thoughts are Prayers,


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My hair didn't even START to try to come back in after PCI for at least three months! And when it did start...it was sparse.....sorta like a baby duckling's fanny....you know how I mean? :wink:

Then I went back on chemo in Feb. so for a while my hair didn't know if it was coming or going. Some of it is more than an inch long now...while the rest is somewhere less than 1/2" long. Since I'm still doing chemo, I imagine I won't get a good crop of hair growing in for a while yet.

So...my suggestion would be to either get used to how you look now.....or get a wig. I don't go anywhere I really need a wig...so haven't bothered. If I had a wedding or a fancy party...I'd probably go buy me some hair. But to play golf? Don't need it. Just need sunscreen and a hat.

Here I am...after a full 13 months of virtual hairlessness, playing with my new grandpuppy:


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I LOVE!!!! the pic Addie. You ARE brave. I lost all my hair 2 different times and just could not bring myself to go without my scarves outside. In the house with just family I was OK. GOOD for you!!

I never had PCI so I can not say how it effected my hair. My mom had rad. to the tumors in her brain. Those spots did not come back very well. The rest of her hair that chemo got came in but it was different than before.


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My grandpuppy is Tasha. She is gonna be BIG. Her paws are gigantic and at 11 weeks she weighs 26 lbs. already. But she has the sweetest little face!!

You cannot really see in this picture that I do have some fuzz on my head......but I do. It's very fine, the hair that is there. Prior to all this, I had a very thick head of very curly hair. It still looks like it's coming back in curly...but it's so fine and so sparse, I just hope I get a decent head of hair when the time comes.

Otherwise, I will be saving dog hair to knit myself a wig! :lol:

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When all this started I bought 2 wigs, having been told that "you WILL lose your hair" from the chemo. But, it didn't happen. Until the PCI. And that left me with a mohawk - not a good look for me, so I had it all shaved off. I finished the PCI last December, and it took several months to get it started back.

Finally, about a month ago, I had enough hair to cover my head, and stopped wearing the caps/bandanas. It was entirely too hot outside for those, even the light ones, and they got so itchy I could barely tolerate them. So, one day I just decided to heck with it, and have gone with the super short look ever since! So far, knock on wood, through the 3 cycles of Topotecan (started cycle 4 yesterday) it's still there.

I never wore either wig, and doubt I ever will. They will make a nice donation to the cancer center where I go though, and that's where they will be going.

In the meantime, I LOVED being bald. I really did. I loved washing my bare scalp without all the hair there to interfere! It was just such a freeing thing for me -- showed me I didn't have to spend an hour doing hair every day. I'll probably keep it really short from now on.


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My mom has a reverse mohawk, hair is growing back in 6 months later everywhere except for a line that starts at her forehead and straight down the back of her head

That was the last place to start to really come in for me too....right down the middle of my head. I was starting to get used to that Franciscan Monk look. Scary without a brown robe, huh? :wink: If it weren't for the...ummm....er...speed bumps in my shirt and the eyeshadow, I was starting to look just like my FIL!! :shock:

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I did simultaneous chemo and radiation from late June 'til November of '03 and held on to my hair through it all, although it got a bit thin on top.

Then, I went in for PCI the first week of December. After about a week I was ready for the skin tight buzz cut and by Christmas I was bald as a cue ball.

It started to very slowly come back in, (dark), toward the end of February. That was surprising as it had been snow white for over ten years before this. By June of '04 it was long enough to comb.

So far, it's still dark and still there but seems to be getting thinner again. Having been bald once it probably won't be that hard to accept if I get that way again. It won't be my preference , of course.

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