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Rachel where are you?


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Must be telepathy, Jen...I was thinking it was time to post for Rachel...to let her know we're all thinking of her...wondering how she is.

Rachel, I know you'll get to us when you can...but please know you've got a lot of love, good thoughts and best wishes coming your way. Is Susan back yet from her trip East?

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I just got an email for Rosemary last night and one of the questions she asked was about Rachael. I told her I would post to find out.

Then I saw this posting, it looks like everyone had the same vibes.. I hope we hear from her for an update.


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Hello all-

I am sorry that I have not posted-It has been so hectic. I arrived home yesterday along with Rachel's mom and dad.

Rachel and Stan so appreciates everyones prayers and messages and of course send their best to you all.

She has an appointment tomorrow with her PCP that I am anxious to attend with her - I will send an update after her appointment-

If I seem to fall behind in updates Please feel free to email me at any time and remind me to post- I have a feeling this is going to be a very busy time and I do want to keep "the family" up on what is going on- I know that you are all concerned.

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Hi Susan...and thanks so much for popping in to let us know what's happening.

Be sure to tell Rachel she has the power of all our collective best thoughts behind her...or "under her wings". We're hoping the PCP has a game plan and we look forward to hearing the latest when you can get back to us.

Sending a huge group hug to Rachel.....

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