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I have an appointment on August 11th for my 6 month CAT scan and a follow up with my dr. on August 18th. I'm gonna try my best not to worry to death from now till August 11th. But it will be hard. I will let someone else (addie) hold my pork chop! Thanks guys for being there for me. Everything will be ok, I can feel it in my bones! Love you guys and I'm praying for a good month of August for everyone.



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Jeez....I might need a meat locker, Joanie...as I'm having a brain MRI on the 11th myself. :wink::D

We all could use some good news so I'll join you in your wish for good August for all with nothing but happy news!!

Now remember, NO worrying...cuz I'm holding your pork chop....so you can just relax! :wink:

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Okay girls...Joanie and Addie!!!!!

I've got the meat locker for you! Plenty of room for pork chops! Just let me know when you want them back for dinner!!!!!!!!

I am praying and hoping and vibing for all GOOD reports, got it!?!?!?!

Love both of you much :) .

Lots of warm wishes and vibes sent to you...and will continue until your results are in!


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Okay little Miss Antsy in your

Pantsy. :lol::wink: Your jumping two week ahead here. SLOW DOWN DUDE!! (giggle) Here's something for you, For now, you have to spend at least 1 full week here in JUST FOR LAUGHS Forum! That's your appointed job this entire week! Oh if only it were THAT EASY! :roll:

Hang in there kiddo. I'll keep my fingers, toes, eyes, legs, etc, etc, crossed for a GOOD and CLEAR Report.

(((((((((((((((((((((Miss Antsy Pantsy)))))))))



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Wouldn't that be a bummer......you've beaten the cancer and worried yourself to death instead!

We all understand those hebie jebies, aren't they the pits. Keep on with the deep breathing......August 11th is gonna be here before you know it.


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I think Connie has the right idea. Spend some time going to google and look up jokes!! Copy and paste them in the joke forum!! THAT will keep you busy.

THIS IS the momth for good news. I had nothing but good news in the midst of every imaginable thing breaking down around here for 2 weeks!! :D

YOU have my prayers and just pitch that pork chop! Too many people have had it anyway.

Love Cindy

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gimme that dang pork chop! I'll hold it for you! (might not get it back, though, cuz I love pork chops)

We're with you Joanie, and won't abandon you! vent here. It is safe. But, you will be fine. Lots of folks having tests this month. Lots of woohoos to be dealt out. Hoping that you will have a list of woohoos when you post in the good news forum!

love, Cindi o'h

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Here's to hoping your scans are clear, and that you can get through the next few weeks of waiting for the scans and the follow up appointment with a minimum of ants. (I like the visual of a bunch of ants running around our heads as opposed to the little creatures the drug companies have come up with to symbolize depression or anxiety.)

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Hi Joanie,

I know it is getting close, but I know that you will be posting good news. No doubt. So clear you mind of any negativity. Only positive vibes here.

Now about that pork chop. If it is not put into the meat locker soon, watch out, as one of the doggies just might eat it up. :shock:

Seriously, I know you will be fine :D

We need good news and you are going to make us all feel better. Stop worrying...


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