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1 year anniversary today!


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Well, I am still undecided if it is cause to celebrate, but today marks one year since I was told I have this ****** awful disease. I am happy it hasn't progressed the way I thought it might, next week will reveal just how it is all going. I do have to say I miss the old me. The me that would look forward to a future that I took for granted. Work opportunities existed, now I survive on a disability pension that is ridiculously low. Lifestyle has changed forever, some days I am so low and get angry at myself. I miss being able to just live life and not worry about scans and living with side effects!

I try to be positive, but I do have days that I ask what the heck I did that was so wrong to get this at 38 yrs of age. Regardless of all that, I will toast to living with my glass of coke tonight and try to remain positive!!! :lol:

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Shar, I hate these anniversaries too...I never know how to handle them. I read your profile and you are responding to the Tarceva...I bet you have many more anniversaries of your diagnosis. Try to do something special for yourself...Cindi we need the pub opened for Shar.

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helll yeah! the pub is open!

don't have to ask me twice!

Shar, honey, this is just the beginning! Absolutely something to celebrate. We know the value of being alive and the GIFT that it represents!

You go ahead and drink your diet coke...may I freshen that for you?

I am going to have a blueberry slurpee cuz I am thinking about another special friend tonight. Glad you are hangin' with the rest of us and here here here is to another year of highs and lows...the "new norm".

love Cindi o'h

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Cindi, what the heck is a slurpee?

Shar, I think you should celebrate your survival but I know it's hard. My friend is 39 (big 40 coming up)and she struggles with the change in her life too. It's such a huge thing but, as Claire would say, "can't go back".

You're here, surviving and fighting and that's worth celebrating. Even if an old pommie is telling you so.


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I too say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! The bad news was a year ago, the GOOD NEWS IS YOUR HERE a year later and doing well! :wink:

Not prefect, but WELL!!! :wink: Oh Shar, it takes about two years to get back to some normality in your life. It'll happen, just wait and see. The first year is the roughest year. They get better as time goes on.

I'll sneak a beer tonight and CLINK you a CHEER! :wink:



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Good for you to get a beer snuck in. Frank is proud of you! Be careful sitting next to him though, he likes chocolate covered doughnuts (with sprinkles) as a backer to his Bud Lite!

And for the rest of the crowd...the diet coke drinkers. I have nothing against ya'll. You know those big tubs full of icy water? Well, that is how I have the soda chillin'! Doesn't that sound the best when your brew is at the perfect temperature? Gotta love a good pubmeister!

love, Cindi o'h

p.s. the purple slurpee was for Justakid! She adores all colors!

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What happened to the life you planned really stinks. You got a rotten deal. There's no denying that.

If you're like me, an approaching scan just rattles your cage. It's the only time I catch myself thinking about scary outcomes. I bet once you get past this scan - which will be GOOD - you'll be able to enjoy the anniversary more. (Does anyone have a good name for the pre-scan/test jitters? It deserves a name.)

It's winter down there, right? A hard time to keep your spirits up no matter what the circumstances. You have spring around the corner, though. Sneak another beer just for the heck of it! :wink:

Glad to know you,


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