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Feeling a little sucker punched right now!!!

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Okay, so we just are starting to pick up the pieces again since my Dad passed and now today we just got the news that now my uncle has been diagnosed with LC. What is with the month of August always bringing bad news???? :(

I'm not especially close to my uncle but my worries are not only for him and his health but also for my mother. How much can one person take. Here my father now her brother! I hate this damn disease and I just wanted to say that....

All prayers are welcome!!!

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Wow, this brings back memories.

First my mom was dx.s in March of 1987 with LC and then in May of 1987 my sister was dx.d with LC. WOW, I know just how your feeling! It's awful. I lost my mom and sister 8 months apart from one another. :cry:

I'm sorry you mom has to go through this.

God bless and Good luck.

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So sorry to hear that your family is dealing with this all over again. Even if the two of you aren't very close, this must bring back many painful memories for you.

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In the past 5 years, my parents and in-laws have all been diagnosed with NSCLC. Three have passed away, but my Mom continues her fight to this day - 4.5 years since diagnosis at Stage IIIB.

It is indeed horrible to have to deal with this disease yet again. But in a way, it is easier to take the 2nd, 3rd, etc. time around. The first family member being diagnosed seems more shocking and more devastating - maybe because of the fear of the unknown. But having been down this road, you become aware of what you should do NOW, what you and your family member are in for in the future, and how you can help and support both the patient and the rest of the family.

God Bless you and yours

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So very sorry to hear about the loss of your father.

Now, to have to deal with it again so soon must be dredging up memories still to fresh to want to deal with. Consider prayers sent, pronto.

I, too lost my father to this hated stuff and then I got it.


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